Event: Discussion on the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

Presented by Resistencia Mexicana:

Join us in a discussion of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo which is historically rooted in a White Supremacist, Settler Colonialist inspired War of Aggression. This came about because Mexico was in a weakened position in the aftermath of In-dependence from Spain in 1821. Then, in conflict with Mexico’s land and indige-nous people the expansionist aims of Manifest Destiny declared that Anglos had the god given right to expand their land base from sea to shining sea in search of new labor and markets for profit and plunder. Also, after of the rebellion and annexation of Texas, President James K. Polk used a conflict on disputed territory near the Rio Grande as a pretext for War.

Eventually Mexico lost the war and was forced to sign the Treaty of Guada-lupe Hidalgo at gunpoint on February 2, 1848. We were divided and conquered be-cause of this action and became foreigners in our native land. The Treaty of Guada-lupe Hidalgo was continually violated, and over time Mexicana/o’s lost their land, became cheap labor and a Colonized people. However, this Colonization was not passively accepted and Mexicana/o organizations and individuals such as Tiburcio Vásquez, Joaquin Murrieta, Gregorio Cortez, Juan Cortina, El Mano Negro, and Las Gorras Blancas rose-up in Resistance.

Since then we have been subjected to a continuing Colonial War in the form of the militarization of the border, migra brutality, detentions, deportations, impris-onment, high drop-out/ push-out rates from school, racism, poverty, and oppression. For these reasons we don’t recognize the Treaty or the border that divides our people and nation. We feel that we must raise our voice and expose our right to the land and resources that are stolen from us every day and our absolute right to Self-defense, Self-determination and our people’s National Libera-tion and Reunification. Furthermore we must articulate our own history and collec-tively come up with our own solu-tions to the conditions we ex-perience as a people and what we can do to build a better world.

When: Saturday, February 6th, 2-4pm

Where: Sisters of Color United for Education, 2895 W. 8th Ave, Denver

More info: mexican.resistance@gmail.com


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2 responses to “Event: Discussion on the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

  1. Serve the People

    This article correctly points out that the e$tragos unidos de amérikkka waged a war of conquest against Mexico. The “Treaty” of Guadalupe Hideputa was signed under dureSS and is therefore invalid even by the gringo occupiers’ bourgeois legal standards. Mexico is one nation, from Chiapas to occupied Alta California. Communists support the righteous struggle to liberate the northern half of the country from Yankkkee occupation.


  2. Fcuk America

    The “Treaty” of Guadalupe is a pathetic American legal figleaf for its theft of half of Mexican land.

    But that is how the gangster nation of America always operates: It self-righteously hides behind the “rule of law” … but only as a legal mask for America’s instinctive rapacious nature.

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