Steve Struggle discusses Black liberation history

Steve Struggle, a Denver RAIMer and veteran of the black liberation struggle, answers some pressing questions about the history of the movement

In part 1, Steve discusses the Black Panthers, the cult around Huey Newton and the party’s degeneration.

In part 2, Steve discusses places the Black Panther Party’s degeneration in the context of international struggles.

In part 3, Steve discusses the role of COINTELPRO in the demise of the Black revolutionary movement.

In part 4, Steve talks about the revolutionary politics of the Black Panther Party and what black liberation means.

In part 5, Steve talks about the nature of the White labor aristocracy and places the struggle for reparations and national liberation in the context of Third World anti-imperialist struggle.

In part 6, Steve talks about Obama and US imperialism.

In part 7, Steve offers advice to young revolutionaries.


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2 responses to “Steve Struggle discusses Black liberation history

  1. Excellent interview, comrades.

    This exchange with Comrade Steve Struggle is sure to start many good discussions about anti-imperialism all over North Amerikkka… and beyond.

    Interviews like this (like the ones MIM/RAIL did in the past) may also be just the catalyst for many rebel youth to start their own RAIM-like group. It helps to connect the past struggles to the present struggles in the minds of budding Jacobins.

    • Serve the People

      Indeed, the interview is good. Thanks to Comrade Steve and the other comrades at RAIM-Denver.

      Rebel youth must understand that rebelliousness alone is not enough: study is also needed. Comrade Steve ably emphasized the need for study, without which rebellion can hardly succeed.

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