Discussion on Revolution and Fundraiser, led by RAIM-Denver

At 6pm, on Wednesday, March 31st, The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement (Denver) will host a discussion on revolution in the contemporary world and fundraiser. Free snacks and drinks provided. There will also be plenty of literature, t-shirt, dvds, etc to give away and for sale.

Come prepared for an evening of critical engagement. Nick Brown will be moderating the discussion and briefly talking about RAIM and its politics. Special presenters include Tizoc, speaking on Mexican National Liberation, and Hector, speaking on Maoism-Third Worldism. Question and answer session to follow.

What: Discussion on Revolution and Fundraiser, led by RAIM-Denver
When: March 31st, 2010; 6pm
Where: Brother Jeff’s Cultural Center (2836 Welton St, Denver)

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One response to “Discussion on Revolution and Fundraiser, led by RAIM-Denver

  1. Observer

    Excellent event. I was impressed with all the speakers. I agreed 100% with what was said. It is very important to not allow the reactionaries to define our politics. After hearing the speakers, I know that I still have alot to learn.

    I’m sick of the fake bullshit on the “radical left”. Trotskyists, anarchists, etc. They are barely any different than liberals. I liked what the speaker said about standing tall. It is important to go on the offensive. We are revolutionaries. We should sound like it. Our solutions should be considered “out there” by AmeriKKKans. We stand against AmeriKKKa. Down with the whole First World! We want a totally different kind of world. No apologies.

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