On Stolen Land and Borrowed Time


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4 responses to “On Stolen Land and Borrowed Time

  1. Just look at the sea of yellow “Gadsen” rags at the Teaklanner rallies.

    Is it any wonder why RAIMers refer to this parasite nation as “the united $nakes of Amerikkka”?

  2. Serve the People

    May the Aztec eagle prevail over the Yankkkee snake!


  3. Erich

    I somewhat disagree with this picture, but not for the purpose of supporting the teaklanners.

    Reason why I’m against this picture is because there is racism in Mexico as well. The descendants of the Spanish have been fuckin over the indigenous for very long time and they are still doing that to this very day in modern Mexico.

    Take a look at the modern slave trade and human trafficking in Mexico. Practically all of the traffickers are either Spanish or they are mixed breed between Spanish and indigenous, and virtually all trafficked people are from indigenous communities.

    • Don’t know how that has to do with the picture. It’s not news that there is racism in Mexico, there is racism in many nations. It is also not news that European-descended classes oppress the indigenous majority in Mexico. The Mexicans in the south do have to deal with the capitalists and compradors in their own nation.

      And even if it is true about the demographics of human trafficking, how does the graphic support that. In other words you present absolutely no argument. The symbol we modified is the emblem on the flag of Mexico. It comes from the nation’s history when the Mexica Aztec people arrived in what would be Tenochtitlan, now Mexico City, where it was foretold they would settle where an eagle would be perched on a cactus eating a snake. It was adopted as the symbol of Mexico when it won independence from Spain in 1821, emphasizing its indigenous heritage.

      Oppressed nations have a right to their national identity. Whatever problems Mexico has Mexicanos can be united as a nation. Mao once said nationalism of the oppressed is applied internationalism. When oppressed nations assert their identity it creates blows against imperialist oppression. This graphic we created is in response to the anti-Mexican sentiment spread by the TeaKlanners who use the Gadsden symbol to promote their racial oppression. Also as a reminder that they are on stolen land, in occupied northern Mexico and elsewhere in the United $nakes that was stolen from several nations that already existed on the land. We work to correct their perceptual errors.

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