Killer of Oscar Grant Gets Off: No Justice in Amerikkka

Killer of Oscar Grant Gets Off: No Justice in Amerikkka


Justice did not materialize in Oakland for Oscar Grant, just as it is delayed and denied for millions of victims of Amerikkka.

The BART pig who killed Grant, Johannes Mehserle, was given the lightest sentence possible short of acquittal, involuntary manslaughter, and the jury rejected the more serious charge of second degree murder. This despite the fact that the shooting was caught on camera and the pig had claimed he was reaching for his taser and not his gun when he shot Grant, who was unarmed.

The people were justifiably angry. There were protests and rebellions in Oakland following, and self-proclaimed community leaders attempted to keep the people calm for the benefit of the system. 78 people were reported arrested in Oakland.(1) Solidarity protests happened across the country, as people all over were outraged.  In Denver a solidarity protest turned out 50 people, organized by the local Anarchist Black Cross chapter at the last minute.(2)

The claim of mistaking a Taser for a gun is so dubious in and of itself. Local author and indigenous rights activist Ben Whitmer, who is also a concealed carry holder, tears apart the ridiculousness of that defense here:

Of the twelve jurors on the trial, held in Los Angeles, not one of them was Black, and several of the jurors admitted to being friends or relatives of cops.(3) Attorney John Burris, representing the Grant family, said at a press conference, “In my long history being involved in police matters since 1979 and well over 30 homicides with police, never have I had a case when a police officer was convicted of any crime against an African American male.”(4)

Oscar Grant is one of several non-white people killed or brutalized by cops, almost all of whom never get convicted. The fact that the pig got even manslaughter is surprising, only after going to trial following much publicity from being filmed.  Amerikans supposedly pride themselves on being a nation of laws, but look the other way when the law attempts to bring Amerika accountable. There was no convictions with the Rodney King beating in the 1990’s. Recently pigs killed Aiyana Jones with no one being brought to trial. The cases of pig brutality in Amerika are endless. Abroad military troops commit vast atrocities and are never brought to justice. Despite the photographic evidence at Abu Gharib hardly any of the perpetrators were brought to trial. And recently a video of a massacre by Amerikan troops was brought to light throught the Wikileaks site, with no one hurrying to prosecute.

Often in these cases the Amerikan populace comes to support these pig cops and troops. It is considered sacrilege to question the police and military. Even Barack Obama came under heat for saying that the pig who arrested Henry Louis Gates “acted stupidly.” He was forced to apologize and invited the pig to the White House for a beer.  No matter how much mass murder Obama does for the empire, criticizing cops no matter how mildly is frowned upon.

Mao Zedong once observed that political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The Amerikan power that its citizenry wallows in comes from the vast weapons it has and uses. The police and the military of Amerikkka are the shock troops that keep that imperialist system of exploitation running. They bring terror to the populations they oppress, and millions fall victim to the system they enforce. Justice in turn will come to Amerikkka by the oppressed people of the world bringing it to them in turn. It is right to rebel against all reactionaries!






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6 responses to “Killer of Oscar Grant Gets Off: No Justice in Amerikkka

  1. Serve the People

    Disgusting, but not a bit surprising in quasi-fascist Amerikkka.

    During the voir dire, the prosecution should have challenged those prospective jurors that were friends or relatives of pigs. The judge might have rejected the challenges, however.

    Had the murder not been caught on camera, the case would not even have gotten this far: the pigs would have had the whole thing hushed up. On the other hand, had the situation been reversed, with the pig lying on the ground and Grant standing over him, would Grant have gotten off with anything less than second-degree murder (and more likely first-degree murder) for shooting him in the back? Hell, no.

    The pig’s claim to have used the wrong brutal weapon by mistake is bullshit. That weapon was on the other side of his body and was meant to be fired with the left hand alone. Furthermore, it was quite different from the handgun in size, weight, shape, and color. The pig also changed his story several times and seems to have been caught in a few lies.

    This case may be the first in the united $nakes in which a pig will go to prison for killing a Black man. Again, even this half-ass conviction was possible only because numerous bystanders recorded the incident on camera and kept their evidence from being suppreSSed by the pigs (who did confiscate a number of cameras and cellular phones used to gather evidence).

    By the way, several other pigs were involved. One was caught on camera beating Grant and calling him a “bitch-ass nigger”.

  2. Turnthescrews

    We must come up with a new name for kkkops. Pigs are actually very intelligent and kind creatures that don’t deserve to be associated with the likes of kkkops. Calling kkkops pigs is letting them off easy.

    • Serve the People

      It is indeed a pity that the name of the admirable, intelligent, and noble porcine species has been sullied by association with the contemptible beasts on the front lines of imperialist oppression. Unfortunately for swine, the disparaging association is well established, with a two-hundred-year history. Our comrades the Black Panthers did much to popularize it within the belly of the imperialist beast. “Off the pigs!” (meaning “Kill off the pigs”) was an especially common cry in the late 1960s and early 1970s. I don’t think we’ll easily replace the word “pig” for kkkops, but let me know if you come up with any ideas.

      • Turnthescrews

        Thank you for the reply. I have worked with animals at my university and have come to the conclusion that capitalism kills people not only with bombs and direct violence, but by killing the peoples’ environment and the animals that we share our planet with. I will fight for liberation of everything. I will start trying to come up with other, more appropriate names to call the creatures known as kkkops.

  3. Marcel

    I’m getting so sick of pigs and this shit. This was terrible, I hope at least the pig experiences some justice in jail.

    Toronto really could justifiably be called hogtown again because we had 19,000 pigs here for the G20.

    But the thing is, too many of these white activist didn’t realise that “Toronontonamo” is just the way jail always is every day, and that black youth in the projects live in police state like conditions daily in some parts of Toronto.

    They don’t think about Afghanistan people who are okkkupied by our military. And then you have the people that straight up apologize for cops. The mind of the parasite is a strange thing…

    • Serve the People

      With 19,000 pigs, there could have been a hell of a barbecue in Hogtown.

      Klanada likes to portray its military operations as “peacekeeping”. This is just the old routine of “good cop, bad cop”, with Klanada playing the “good” cop in order to make the obviously bad one (the united $nakes) more effective.

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