Norman Finkelstein lays down on Zionist tools at University of Waterloo

So….This is why we like Finkelstein. He’s on point and doesn’t back down under intimidation…


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6 responses to “Norman Finkelstein lays down on Zionist tools at University of Waterloo

  1. d2tw

    I LOLed at the sight of that cracker apologist for genocide in tears.

    Its a shame that Finkelstein has to rely on the fact that both his parents experienced the Holocaust in an attempt to silence these maddog Amerikan Zionists. Zionists are fucking digusting reactionaries who deserve the worse of the JDPEN.

  2. Serve the People

    Zioni$ts are nothing but goddamn chauvinists.

    Finkelstein is quite right to denounce the cynical use of the Holocaust victims in justification of the existence and the oppressive and genocidal actions of the Zioni$t entity.

    Note that that cracker apologist for Zioni$t genocide, who apparently considers herself “German”, neither asks a question nor makes an argument: she merely asserts that Finkelstein’s pointed comments were “offensive”. Who cares that she was offended? A circle-squarer might take offense when told that pi is transcendental, but his offense won’t change the facts one iota. Finkelstein’s comments SHOULD offend chauvinists like that woman. Her crocodile tears were just an attempt to win the debate through emotionalism: she hoped to embarrass Finkelstein into backing down and accepting her bullshit distinction between “the Germans” and “the Nazis”. But the Germans WERE the fucking Nazis. Germans who opposed the Nazis had the responsibility to take action (as a few did); the great majority that did nothing, or next to nothing, have collective responsibility for the crimes of fascist Germoney. Similarly, Amerikkkans who genuinely oppose U$ imperialism have a responsibility to do something; else they’re just tacit supporters of the most criminal empire in history.

    Finkelstein is quite right. Who there was shedding tears for the Palestinians under the I$raeli jackboot? Those white-chauvinist pigs burst into tears because Germans were allegedly “offended”, but they don’t give a damn about millions of Palestinians.

    By the way, the university in question is the University of Waterloo (located in the Kanadian-occupied part of North America), not “UC-Waterloo”.

  3. Finkelstein’s JDPEN-lite solution for i$rahell is pretty good:

  4. End Imperialism

    One Zionist cretin queuing up to harangue Prof. Finkelstein bellows the utterly erroneous statement (twice) that “Jews did not take up arms against the Germans”, implying that today’s Palestinians have lower moral standards than Jews (though he gives the game away by the tacit, if imprecise, comparison between Nazis and Zionists). In fact, many Jewish partisans fought against the Nazis during World War II, including in the ill-fated, but heroic Warsaw Uprising (staged with no thought to military preparation as a power-seeking adventure by the Provisional Polish government of imperialist lackeys in London).

    • Serve the People

      I didn’t understand what that rude person meant by claiming—falsely—that “Jews did not take up arms against the Germans”. You’re probably right, though, comrade: it must have been a suggestion that the Palestinians should not take up arms against the Zioni$t settlers. It’s insane bullshit, though. As you said, Jewish partisans took up arms in the Warsaw Uprising (which Finkelstein mentioned). And the glorious Soviet Red Army, which earned the eternal love and gratitute of the world’s masses, included many Jews. Indeed, Jews would have been goddamn fools if they *hadn’t* taken up arms against fascism.

  5. Death 2 Amerikkka

    Let’s find these scumbag apologists for genocide and put them in the ground!

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