Dear RAIM…You Rock. Amerika Sucks. What can I do?

“Dear RAIM

“Your website rocks. I fucking hate Amerika, its culture and everything about it. Sometimes I feel like I’m going to explode living here. What can I do to help or get involved with your movement?

“May we stand together until death,

“Philadelphia supporter”

Greetings Comrade!

We suggest turning your energy into something positive for the movement for global liberation. Here are some tasks to take up:

Study. You should definitely be studying. In addition to reading stuff put out by RAIM, you should learn about the history of revolutionary struggle, as well as other topics. There is a reading list at RAIM. Its meant to be a basic introductory course of texts. We highly suggest you try to find copies of the works listed. Also, explore topics more in-depth. Don’t stop at our reading list. Another current publisher of Third Worldist literature is Monkey Smashes Heaven.

Write. RAIM is always looking for writers. This is something you should eventually try to pursue on some level. If you feel you can’t write, take a basic newswriting course from the journalism department at a local college. It can do a lot of help in this regard. Besides ‘news and analysis’ articles, you can always write culture reviews (movie, cd reviews, etc), longer research articles, and basic agitation.  Most people are most comfortable starting with the latter.

Other production work. If writing isn’t your thing, give graphic design, video editing or music production a try. We need to build an entire culture around revolutionary anti-imperialism and a spirit of fighting from within the belly of the beast.

Do local work. Starting a RAIM cell locally is always a great way to contribute to the revolutionary struggle. RAIM’s main job to the agitate in favor of a Third World-based, global revolution; provide local exposure to pressing global problems; and create a space for recruitment and further education into the revolutionary ranks. Some of RAIM’s main tasks are listed above (writing, studying, video production, etc), but we get out to relevant events within the First Worldist activist scene, directly oppose the most vicious elements of imperialism (tea-klanners, Zionists, Kolumbus Day parade participants), talk to various people about revolutionary anti-imperialism, and conduct group (often informal) study. We also distribute the RAIM Global Digest locally.

Distribute the RAIM Global Digest, the Troublemaker DVD (a collection of videos from RAIM and Shubel Morgan) and other anti-imperialist materials. Even if you are not willing to act in a hardcore RAIM fashion, you can still anonymously distribute RAIM materials. Print some off and drop them in appropriate places. You can even hand out RAIM materials to people without officially representing a RAIM cell. Whether you are starting a RAIM cell or just anonymously passing out materials, you should use a fake name and not reveal personal information such as where you live or work. ‘Behind enemy lines’ isn’t simply a catchphrase.

Do work in the Third World. Amerikan college students and professionals are offered many opportunities to travel abroad, often to the Third World. While there, why not engage in private conversations about the depth of imperialist parasitism and the revolutionary solution? Be discreet, but such efforts can pay off over the long run. Don’t forget to give them RAIM’s website and contact info.

Give us money. Don’t want to do the above? Then don’t hesitate to open your wallet. We can accept paypal. If you need to be more anonymous, we can work something out. Contact us for details.

Be healthy. Don’t undermine your own importance to the global revolutionary struggle. The world’s masses need to to have a long, contributory life. Also important is that you have a sharp mind and good physical health.

What else do you have to offer? If you think you have something else to offer to global revolutionary movement, then bring it. Put it into action. Maybe you’ll give us some ideas.

Hope this helps,


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One response to “Dear RAIM…You Rock. Amerika Sucks. What can I do?

  1. don

    I was one of those whites raised in a conservative, religious, racist family and it took me many years before I opened my eyes to the reality of the world. In last couple of years my views have changed dramatically and I regret that I wasted all those years of my life. While I believe that this country needs to go through a radical change in order to have any value in the world, I am sure the ignorant, fearful, religious, mostly white Amerikka will fight to main the status quo. Still, I never thought I would see a Black man elected President, so perhaps there is hope that this country can be transformed into a Marxist nation and its wealth can be distributed those who have been denied and the rest of the world. I for one will do what I can to bring about this change and I encourage others to do so as well. I only wish I could do more.

    In order to for this radical transformation to occur Amerikka must be revolutionized from the inside and many fundamental things need to be transformed.

    First, religion is one the greatest obstacles, because it is a crutch for so many Amerikkans. We must strive for a godless world and atheism must be prevail. I applaud atheists and atheist organizations for their efforts in striking down this disease. Although I will not see in my life time, the bible, koran and other religious books need to be removed from public places and out of the hands of our young. If churches must exist, make them pay taxes and keep them out of community service work.

    Patriotism is another sore infection, much like religion it must be removed. Why someone would profess love, admiration and loyalty to Amerikka is beyond me. At any rate, efforts must be made to eradicate this illness. Start by working to get the pledge of ignorance (amerikka) removed from classrooms and other public places, much like has been achieved with prayer. The playing of the national anthem must end and we must encourage from standing when it is played. Of course it goes without saying that the amerikkan flag should be desecrated and destroyed at every opportunity. It is so satisfying to see that meaningless piece of cloth being burnt and trampled beneath the feet of the world.

    Along the same lines as patriotism, the privileged rapist, murdering, storm troopers of the amerikkan military must be stopped. I support the military; the military of North Korea, China and the oppressed people of the world. I am always encouraged when I see military personnel burning in effigy. I am also impressed with the way the oppressed in england welcomed back their storm troopers; they spit on and cursed them. While unsettling to some who read this posting, I believe the only way amerikkan storm troopers should return are in flag draped coffins. This unfortunately means another amerikkan flag will fly over a grave, but that too can be remedied.

    The underprivileged of Amerikka are still slaves, even if they are no longer bound by metal links; they are now enslaved by financial chains. I contend that the only reason that whites hold any power today is because they control the wealth; wealth, which by the way, was earned on blood, sweat and tears of the poor and underprivileged. Imagine for a moment if whites did not have that wealth? They would be nothing! We must have a system makes everyone equal; capitalism is the great evil divider. This is why reparations and the redistribution of wealth are so critical. The white race owes so much to the enslaved and frankly it is time to start paying up. As a white tax payer, I am in favor of any tax increase that was used specifically for reparations and the distribution of the wealth. Yes, it may be done at the expense of some whites, but the time has come to repay those that actually built this country.

    This country also needs a radical reform of the legal system, where all are given fair trials and sentences; especially Blacks. There are too many Blacks in prison and way too many on death row. It is time for Blacks to have Black judges and Black only juries so that unjust laws can be nullified. Again, remember most laws are written by a white majority, is that really fair? Also, the country needs to look at the number of Black political prisoners that exist in our prison system. Yes, getting the legal system turned into a system of justice will be fought by white amerikkans, but the fight must occur. I for one was glad to hear that Attorney General Holder dropped the charges against the Philadelphia New Black Panthers.

    The end of moderate and conservative political ideology must be destroyed. It will take radical leftist minds to transform this nation, not racist, religious, wealthy white people. The tea party, republikan party and such must be stopped and silenced, otherwise any strives we have made in the last two years will be erased.

    Finally, political unrest and demonstrations are necessary. Not only do they send a clear and loud signal to amerikkan leaders and the rest of the world, but they send a message of hope to those like me that change is in the air. Our day is coming as this country weakens and the dominance of the white race ends.

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