RAIM Digest Volume 2, Issue 6

RAIM Digest Volume 2, Issue 6

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  1. This is by far the best issue of the RAIM Global Digest to date. At 24 pages, it’s also the longest.

    Big thanks and a revolutionary salute to all the contributing writers and artists.

    I really encourage cells, members and independent allies to print some copies and pass them out to interested parties. Printing it out as a booklet is the most efficient way.

    First Worldist publications are a joke. They all sound the same and are really lame. Occasionally you might find some worthwhile or interesting news piece, but the analysis is always a combination of archaic, reformist, chauvinist or downright irrelevant.

    The RAIM Global Digest is not these things. It’s worth selectively distributing. Expect this type of consistent work and positive changes for 2011.

    Comments are appreciated.

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