Denver Update

Over the next few months, RAIM-Denver’s blog will go through a period of relative inactivity. Members of RAIM-Denver are nonetheless engaged in a number of ongoing projects, including but not limited to: learning Spanish, researching and writing longer essays, writing and doing work with other Third Worldists organizations, organizing study groups, and engaging in local, informal dialogue and education.

In the meantime, we encourage comrades worldwide to step up and pick up some slack. Specifically, we encourage comrades to begin taking steps towards being more proficient writers for the movement. Writing news and analysis, cultural reviews and even research is something that can be accomplished by lone comrades, yet can have far-reaching consequences. Writing up-to-date articles and providing a revolutionary, anti-imperialist analysis is one important role the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement has thus-far fulfilled. We are looking forward to continuing in the role in an even greater way into 2011 and beyond. Now is the time for comrades who’ve thus far been on the sidelines to take a more active role in this regard.

Likewise, study is important. There are now many comrades engaged in serious study to the end of contributing towards revolution. This is good and should continue. We encourage comrades to not neglect study, but redouble their efforts with informal and formal group study programs, insofar as it is possible.

Over the next year, we expect the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement to congeal into a larger, nodal, international network. With this positive breakthrough will come some changes. Our message and mission will be the same: revolution is possible, not based on the collective self-interest of bourgeosified First Worlders, but on the pressing necessity of the vast majority of humanity exploited by capitalist-imperialism; and our role, in betrayal of our immediate interest and often class background, is one in service to the world’s masses and their revolution.

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    RAIM is the best organization I have found in Colorado. I come to this web page every day. I hope that it has more activity soon. I have met some of you and am impressed by your knowledge of revolution. I find you very inspiring.

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