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Dear RAIM…You Rock. Amerika Sucks. What can I do?

“Dear RAIM

“Your website rocks. I fucking hate Amerika, its culture and everything about it. Sometimes I feel like I’m going to explode living here. What can I do to help or get involved with your movement?

“May we stand together until death,

“Philadelphia supporter”

Greetings Comrade!

We suggest turning your energy into something positive for the movement for global liberation. Here are some tasks to take up:

Study. You should definitely be studying. In addition to reading stuff put out by RAIM, you should learn about the history of revolutionary struggle, as well as other topics. There is a reading list at RAIM. Its meant to be a basic introductory course of texts. We highly suggest you try to find copies of the works listed. Also, explore topics more in-depth. Don’t stop at our reading list. Another current publisher of Third Worldist literature is Monkey Smashes Heaven.

Write. RAIM is always looking for writers. This is something you should eventually try to pursue on some level. If you feel you can’t write, take a basic newswriting course from the journalism department at a local college. It can do a lot of help in this regard. Besides ‘news and analysis’ articles, you can always write culture reviews (movie, cd reviews, etc), longer research articles, and basic agitation.  Most people are most comfortable starting with the latter.

Other production work. If writing isn’t your thing, give graphic design, video editing or music production a try. We need to build an entire culture around revolutionary anti-imperialism and a spirit of fighting from within the belly of the beast.

Do local work. Starting a RAIM cell locally is always a great way to contribute to the revolutionary struggle. RAIM’s main job to the agitate in favor of a Third World-based, global revolution; provide local exposure to pressing global problems; and create a space for recruitment and further education into the revolutionary ranks. Some of RAIM’s main tasks are listed above (writing, studying, video production, etc), but we get out to relevant events within the First Worldist activist scene, directly oppose the most vicious elements of imperialism (tea-klanners, Zionists, Kolumbus Day parade participants), talk to various people about revolutionary anti-imperialism, and conduct group (often informal) study. We also distribute the RAIM Global Digest locally.

Distribute the RAIM Global Digest, the Troublemaker DVD (a collection of videos from RAIM and Shubel Morgan) and other anti-imperialist materials. Even if you are not willing to act in a hardcore RAIM fashion, you can still anonymously distribute RAIM materials. Print some off and drop them in appropriate places. You can even hand out RAIM materials to people without officially representing a RAIM cell. Whether you are starting a RAIM cell or just anonymously passing out materials, you should use a fake name and not reveal personal information such as where you live or work. ‘Behind enemy lines’ isn’t simply a catchphrase.

Do work in the Third World. Amerikan college students and professionals are offered many opportunities to travel abroad, often to the Third World. While there, why not engage in private conversations about the depth of imperialist parasitism and the revolutionary solution? Be discreet, but such efforts can pay off over the long run. Don’t forget to give them RAIM’s website and contact info.

Give us money. Don’t want to do the above? Then don’t hesitate to open your wallet. We can accept paypal. If you need to be more anonymous, we can work something out. Contact us for details.

Be healthy. Don’t undermine your own importance to the global revolutionary struggle. The world’s masses need to to have a long, contributory life. Also important is that you have a sharp mind and good physical health.

What else do you have to offer? If you think you have something else to offer to global revolutionary movement, then bring it. Put it into action. Maybe you’ll give us some ideas.

Hope this helps,


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Dear RAIM-Denver Open Thread

Recently, we received the following letter from a First Worldist critic, ‘Sciencefaction.’ The criticism its pretty basic, and something we’ve encountered plenty of times in the past. Rather than writing some official reply on our blog, we figured we’d post the comment and allow our online readers to respond. The best replies will be edited and included in the next RAIM Global Digest.

Here’s ‘Sciencefaction’s” so-called criticism:

“How is it that first worlders, including whites, are “exploiters” simply by having relatively [and I stress “relatively”] better living conditions?

The logical conclusion is not revolution, but moralism: let’s renounce our computers and cell phones, and live in the most destitute conditions short of homelessness…nah, let’s go whole hog and be homeless, then we can pat ourselves on the back for this gesture of “solidarity.” More than that, let’s not bother to build any struggles in the first world, since, by definition, we are not really exploited or oppressed, so we have no legitimate issues with radical implications.”



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Program of the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement

We want to smash this world and build a new one. Today, the median global income stands around $2.50 a day. Over 1 billion people face chronic hunger and a child dies every five seconds of starvation. This same situation is killing the planet at an unprecedented rate. Meanwhile, a global minority lives in comfort, unconcerned with their effect on the world. We aim to change this.

We understand that there is a causal relationship between wealth on one hand and poverty on the other. On a global level, the First World is rich because it exploits the impoverished majority, the Third World. This global divide, called imperialism, is the principal feature of the world today.

We side with the Third World masses and support their struggles for liberation. Exploiters are not going to hand over freedom to those they exploit. Only through struggle can the oppressed free themselves. We support the right of resistance- and revolution- for oppressed peoples against their oppressors. We support unity of the Third World masses against imperialism.

We reject First Worldism: politics which panders to or assumes that First Worlders are a social base for revolution. The “masses” of the First World are a global minority: a petty-exploiter class which regularly supports the imperialist system from which it benefits. Global revolution demands a just and egalitarian distribution of the world’s resources and wealth. Thus, over the course of global revolution, First Worlders will receive less, not more.

We are John Browns, staunch First World allies of the Third World. We are few and far between and behind enemy lines; there is little direct effect we can have. We consider our circumstances and focus on areas where we can effectively contribute to the revolutionary struggle.

We openly represent revolutionary anti-imperialism and work to build public opinion for Third World liberation struggles. We interject revolutionary, anti-imperialist politics into political arenas such as speaking events and protests; contribute to publishing and distributing revolutionary literature such as the RAIM Global Digest; and conduct group education through study collectives, practical tasks and informal discussion. We seek out and educate those who can be won over to consistent anti-imperialist politics.

We encourage direct participation and involvement, promote personal development and push people to become more valuable to the larger, global revolutionary movement. In part, RAIM is a ‘university of revolution.’ Through direct involvement with RAIM, we encourage people to become more proficient both politically and technically. A large part of RAIM’s purpose is to make individuals more of an asset to the Third World majority.

We encourage Third World-oriented, revolutionary political work. Though RAIM fills a roll by providing a public presence for and entry-level work into revolutionary politics, it is not the end-all-be-all of revolutionary political work. We encourage and support revolutionary, Third World-oriented politics being applied as part of different types of projects and efforts.

-Adopted by RAIM-Denver and RAIM-Seattle, November 23rd, 2009

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Dear RAIM-Denver…Tell me more.

Earlier this month, we received this e-mail:

“I’m interested in learning more about the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism Movement. I have read many RAIM articles online and think there is a lot of benefit to studying the anti-imperialist theories your group has put forward. I have worked in the student and leftist movement for several years now, and RAIM and similar groups have provided important insights to strategy and tactics as well as a broader perspective. A minority of people have expressed similar ideas to RAIM in many leftist parties of all stripes.  I’m not 100% sure what RAIM’s stance is on some issues as some articles give an anarchist feel, while the majority is more in line with the Maoism of MIM or Monkey Smashes Heaven. So I’d be interested in learning where RAIM stands ideaologicaly and towards existing party organizations. I’m currently active in [activism], and look forward to cooperating with RAIM on a theoretical level, and perhaps eventually on a political level.”

RAIM: Anarchists or Communists

The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement is neither anarchist nor communist. We are an anti-imperialist organization that seeks to unite and organize people around consistent anti-imperialist politics.

RAIM believes in the primacy of class in the development of revolutionary class struggle. Our position, which precludes questions of anarchism vs. communism, is that the First World is a reactionary, exploitative body acting against revolution and interests of the majority of humanity. As it turns out, some RAIMers are Maoist-Third Worldists. Others are anarchists. Still others are nationalists.

RAIM does not have a worked out position on our relationship with other groups or parties and does not currently maintain formal ties with other organizations. Instead, we support and stand in solidarity with all consistently anti-imperialist efforts. Regardless of pre-existing group affiliations, we encourage all individuals who shares a correct revolutionary anti-imperialist line to work under the RAIM banner.

RAIM’s Work

Beyond politics, RAIM is characterized by the fact that we do semi-public work.  We have an on-the-ground presence and produce materials that have a wide range of receptibility.  Whereas many of the ideas presenting by RAIM are increasingly gaining currency the around the world and amongst Third World movements, RAIM is unique in that it is making efforts to break the First-Worldist ‘revolutionary’ monopoly directly at its source within the First World. Sometimes this happens in a friendly way, such as our independent participation in various protests and demonstrations.  Other times this challenge to First Worldism comes off a more antagonistic, such as when we openly and directly attack various positions held by First Worldists.  While it is unlikely that Third World-oriented revolutionary tendencies will overshadow First Worldism within the First World itself, it has been proven that RAIM-like groups can interject themselves into nominally leftist politics while maintaining a clear contrast between ourselves and the remainder of First World self-styled revolutionaries.

Engaging and Contributing to Revolution

At present, we are seeking to expand the stark presence we’ve created in Denver into a national and international movement. The first step for this to happen is for people to do what you’re doing now: engage in a theoretical manner with the ideas presented by RAIM.  Do our ideas make sense; do they provide a realistic template for class struggle and revolution?  If you answered yes, then you’re the type of person we want to work with.

More specifically, an expanded RAIM can only come about through the sustained, determined efforts on the part of comrades such as yourself.  What will this look like exactly?  We’re not sure.  One thing’s for certain though: creating a larger network of RAIM-like groups will involve no small degree of dedication, independent initiative and even creativity on the part of people not already directly affiliated with RAIM.  For our part, we’ve already amassed a wealth of materials, such as the RAIM Global Digest, to help kick start such efforts.  While we at RAIM-Denver are currently making efforts to reach out and expand organizationally, in the end only a conscious effort on the part of individuals and small groups can make this prospect become a reality.

As always, thanks for the inquiry. We look forward to your and other comrades’ further engagements with and contributions to the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement.

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