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Nick Brown: Anti-Imperialism, Organization and Expansion

Nick Brown: Anti-Imperialism, Organization and Expansion

An Interview with Monkey Smashes Heaven

[Nick from RAIM-Denver was recently interviewed by the Maoist-Third Worldist online journal, Monkey Smashes Heaven. This is a slightly edited version of the interview.]

Nick Brown Against Empire: Monkey Smashes Heaven interviews Nick Brown from RAIM-Denver (

MSH: I understand that you’re familiar with Monkey Smashes Heaven and the work we’ve done. Thus far, what have you found most interesting about Monkey Smashes Heaven?

NICK BROWN: On a personal level, I have found the analysis of the Cultural Revolution to be quite interesting. I have read about the Cultural Revolution and China before in a general way. MSH is innovative in two regards. First, it is highly sympathetic towards the then-called “ultra-left” as well as overtly anti-amerikan elements. Second, it does this while taking a critical look at the role of Mao himself. Smashing dogma coming from both the ‘left’ and right, MSH is completely unique in its analysis on the Chinese Cultural Revolution. In many ways creating a new paradigm for understanding China in its revolutionary phase, MSH has set a new standard for future work to live up to. An example of this is Lin Biao. RAIM-Denver has long distributed Lin Biao’s Long Live the Victory of Peoples War! as a historical revolutionary anti-imperialist text. However, recent studies produced by MSH have cast new light on Lin Biao’s role in the Cultural Revolution. This has made Lin Biao much more favorable in my eyes.

In terms of RAIM-Denver, what we like the most about MSH is its similar analysis of imperialism. Like RAIM-Denver, Monkey Smashes Heaven is one of the few leftist or revolutionary formations that accurately describes Amerikans as exploiters of the Third World. In this fundamental aspect, RAIM-Denver and Monkey Smashes Heaven has a clear common cause. MSH has explored various approaches to calculating exploitation and parasitism. The works of Prairie Fire, Serve the People, End Imperialism and Shubel Morgan have further illuminated global class analysis. We hope that MSH publishes more political economy in the future.

MSH: Such a view is part of Maoism Third Worldism, an emerging revolutionary trend. Where does RAIM-Denver diverge from Monkey Smashes Heaven and Maoism Third Worldism.

NICK BROWN: RAIM-Denver isn’t a Maoist-Third Worldist organization. Generally we operate around a basic points of unity of 1. seeing Amerikans principally as class enemies of the world’s exploited majority and 2. support for national liberation and resistance to imperialism. Beyond this RAIMers are free to adopt whatever ideological or philosophical line they like. That’s not to say that there aren’t some RAIMers who subscribe to Maoism-Third Worldism. But RAIM-Denver itself has a broader approach and points of unity.

MSH: How successful has RAIM been in the Denver area?

NICK BROWN: That’s a trick question. It depends on what you mean by success. Is there a growing revolutionary anti-imperialist social movement just below the surface in Denver? Absolutely not. But I really think thats a bad way of going about defining success in our context.

On a realistic level, I actually think RAIM-Denver has been quite successful. We are arguably the largest nominally leftist group in Denver area with the possible exception of a couple of non-profits with paid staff. We are probably the most active group in Denver. Also, we are active in more fields than other groups. Basically, no other group in Denver has the capacity to show up to as many protests, write as many articles, put out as many original images, distribute as many fliers, etc etc. All of this is especially astonishing because we are not the typical ‘leftist’ grouping.

MSH: To what do you attribute this success.

NICK BROWN: A few things. First, we’re all very dedicated. RAIM-Denver is not a bunch of coffee shop revolutionaries. Whether its showing up for cold February demonstrations, engaging in self-education or distributing anti-imperialist materials at high schools, RAIM-Denver does shit.

Second, we are really unorthodox in terms of the way we’ve organized ourselves. On one hand, we’re not a loose collection individuals who’ve come together for a special event such as a protest. On the other, we are not a party or even a formal organization. We are more a network organized around an ongoing project and ideology: RAIM-Denver and revolutionary anti-imperialism. This has given us a lot of flexibility in terms of working styles and the activities we engage in. One person may want to do something. Perhaps everyone else in RAIM-D is busy with other specific projects or otherwise too tied up. If the idea doesn’t raise major objections, then the person can do it as RAIM-Denver. This leads to a lot of simultaneous types of work being done, fosters personal initiative and cultivates collective leadership of RAIM-Denver. That’s not to say that this type of organizing doesn’t have its limitations. It does. But overall our non-dogmatic organizing approach has been an asset, made us more fluid and freed us from being bogged down in traditional organizational restraints.

Lastly, believe it or not, our unique worldview has contributed to our success. Most of the ‘left’ sounds the same. It all boils down to some sort of program for higher living standards for Amerikans. This leaves “communists,” “anarchists” and the Democratic Party vying for the same audience while spewing fundamentally the same message. RAIM-Denver on the other hand comes out and says that Amerikans’ living standards are based on exploitation and ecological destruction. We’re not toned down in other areas either. Thus, not only are we easily distinguishable from the ‘left’ milieu but we are the only ones who are intellectually honest.

MSH: What are some of RAIM-Denver’s goals?

NICK BROWN: At this time one of our major goals is to see a larger country-wide anti-imperialist movement. We’d like to see independent, though not necessarily isolated, RAIM-like groups form in other cities and regions. Based on my experience there is limited potential for such growth.

MSH: Limited potential?

NICK BROWN: I don’t think you’re going to have groups comparable to RAIM-Denver sprouting up in many cities overnight. I would be pretty suspicious if it worked out that way. More probable is that two or three, maybe more, comrades hooks up in a city or two and begin working together. That’s how things start. Who knows where it could go from there.

MSH: What has RAIM-Denver been doing to to help facilitate such an expansion?

NICK BROWN: The first thing we did was start RAIM-Denver with this goal on the backburner. We wanted to organize in a way that could be roughly reproducible given similar conditions. Given our success thus far, I think that the founding of RAIM-Denver was an important first step in the creation of a loose, multi-celled revolutionary anti-imperialist network. Currently, we are beginning work on standardized versions of our more popular material. We want to make it as streamlined as possible for people to print out our material, makes copies and and distribute them. Keep your eye out for nicer looking, printer ready PDF versions of RAIM-Denver originals. Also, we are going to be expanding our web presence, adding an archive as a central place of find printer-ready materials and a kind-of general RAIM web portal to highlight the work of various emerging RAIM-like cells and proto-cells. Some of this stuff is still tentative, but keep your eye out for it. The idea behind a lot of this is that RAIM-Denver and its material can be used as a central reference point to build for other RAIM-like groups elsewhere. We get comments and emails from all over the country from people who say that they wish there was something like RAIM in their city. Chances area, if you are reading this and live in a large city then there is someone else in your city who is equally fascinated with revolutionary anti-imperialism. The popularization of the anti-imperialist internet sources and the distribution of their materials around the country can be used as a basis to draw more people into organized revolutionary anti-imperialist efforts. Ultimately though, its up to other people to make it happen. RAIM-Denver only do so much before the responsibility to build such a country-wide movement rests on others. We’ll see what happens.

MSH: For those who have followed your work and want to get involved, what is the first step?

NICK BROWN: Assuming that one has read RAIM-Denver’s work and has a satisfactory understanding, I would tell that person to start doing anonymous agitation work. Writing and distributing articles is an excellent place to start, or one could print up RAIM-Denver materials and start distributing them at schools and universities, coffee shops, activist events, etc. Whatever you do, do something. For myself, revolution is a moral cause worth a lifetime. However, we are asking for you to put forth a minimal level of time and dedication now. RAIM-Denver has in many ways taken the first steps. Now all that is left is for people to pick up the torch to run with it.

MSH: Last question. What happened between you and Alex Jones?

NICK BROWN: It’s a long story, but I’ll try to keep it short. The confrontation stemmed from our work with Recreate ‘68 (R68), the main coalition that organized the anti-DNC protests in Denver. RAIM-Denver was one on the main groups working with Recreate ‘68, though much of our involvement was behind the scenes. Needless to say, RAIM-Denver’s local contributions R68’s efforts were considerable. Early on, Recreate ‘68 came under attacks in incidents ranging from anonymous threats, probable infiltration and not so covert agent provocateurs, as well as a media smear campaign to go along with it. Additionally, the were divisions within Recreate ‘68. A lot of it came down to rhetoric and the right to self defense.

In walks Jonathan Elinoff. Jonathan Elinoff at first glance seems like a hopelessly devoted “Truther.” He pretentiously came to a single R68 meeting, demanded an extravagant amount of publicity during the protests for his viewpoints and was unanimously rejected. During the course of the night he talked to a RAIMer and got ahold of a Troublemaker DVD. From this, he wrote an article claiming that we told him we were stockpiling blood and urine to throw at the pigs. He also claimed that Recreate was a front group for RAIM-Denver. The wild accusations spread from there. Unfortunately, the “stockpiling blood and urine” story stuck and was circulated word to mouth and through the internet. It even spread to mainstream national media. Using the non-violence issue as pretext, groups such as Colorado Communities for Peace and Justice, Tent State, the Colorado Green Party, Code Pink, and the International Socialist Organization split from Recreate ‘68. Unable to unite around the principle of letting the pigs kick your ass, they formed a coalition called The Alliance for Real Democracy, whose main activity was wrecking the real work being done against the DNC. They were de facto Democratic Party operatives. They ended up going to far as to host as Convention watching party and a friendly delegate meet-and-greet, among other things.

But it didn’t stop there. Alex Jones, nationally syndicated crackpot and white supremacist, invited Jonathan Elinoff, whom others in the 9-11 Truth Movement have told us is shady, on his radio show. There Jonathan embellished his claims even further, saying that we were planning violent acts and claiming that he had a tape of us telling him or someone else about it. Of course no such tape exists. Jonathan couldn’t keep his lies straight. Alex Jones however went ahead repeating Elinoff’s fabrications and instructed people to watch out for us and even video tape us. A situation was being put into place were RAIM-Denver could have been taken out before the DNC began. A similar situation was used against Anarchists prior to the RNC. More humorously, the “blood and urine” story made it to the Denver City Council. An ordinance was passed barring the possession of blood and urine with the intent to throw it at a pig. We thought it was funny at least.

During the Freedom March for Political Prisoners during the DNC, someone told me that Alex Jones was at the back of the crowd. He was hard to miss. Even before I got there he was yelling and flailing his arms around. I grabbed a bullhorn and got into a confrontation with him. I exposed his white supremacist and amerika-first world view and how his view implicitly supports the police state. A few reporters were on hand and it was noted in mainstream media outlets. Because of their lies, Jones and Elinoff are, for the most part, both looked at with hostility in the Denver activist scene. They never took responsibility for their pig behavior and they have never since mentioned RAIM-Denver.

MSH: Thank you for your time. Revolutionary salute!

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Destroy, Dismantle, Disillusion: RAIM 08



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Alex Jones’ Nervous Breakdown

The RAIMers noticed that Alex Jones was really upset at the DNC Protests this last week.  The black magic the New World Order was using at the DNC to disrupt him and the rest of the Truthers must have been pretty powerful.  Here is our tribute to his mental state.


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Day 5, DNC Protest

The day began early with an “Immigrants’” Rights protest. The protest was even more pro-amerikan and pro-integrationist than usual. In Denver, there are a number of pro-establishment Chicano groups. These groups often function to channel potential for revolutionary energy into dead-ends like voting for the Democrats or joining community organizations, etc. In this case, they were the main sponsors of the event and printed out hundreds of identical “We Are America” [sic] signboards which they passed out to the crowd. Former Denver Mayor Pena even led the march.

The crowd was large, around 2,000 people. Over half of the crowd was Chicano with a much larger age range. The rest were White and included mainly older “peace and justice” types, a few self-described Marxist organizations, young self-described anarchist crust-punks, and anti-imperialists.

RAIM-Denver does not support integration of small pockets of people into Amerika. We support national liberation for oppressed nations and reparations to those currently under the exploitation of imperialism. We find unity with many in the ’Immigrant’ Rights movement in that we oppose imperialist borders. RAIM was marching in support of the Mexican National Liberation Movement under their banner. The Mexican National Liberation Movement believes in Socialist Reunification of Mexico, meaning “the unification of our people on both sides of the militarily imposed borders” under non-exploitative terms and not subject to the oppression of the United States or any other imperialist power. Earlier in the week we also shared a table with the Mexican National Liberation Movement.

We also passed out agitational “Deporten a los Pinches Gringos” screen-print patches to the crust-punks and kids.

Upon arriving at the park, there was a stage already set up and speakers began. One early speaker endorsed Obama. We stopped listening to the speakers at this point.

By this time, a number of self-described Marxist groups had set up tables. Some RAIMers decided to find out what they were about and socialize generally. As always we met a lot of cool individuals. However, organizationally they were either overtly pro-amerikan or ambiguous about the issue. We don’t waste much time arguing with people who believed in Amerikan Exceptionalism, but we did manage to peak the interest of some of the younger cadre. Before we left we also said hi and handed out literature the more clearly anti-racist, pro-oppressed nation anarchists.

The next and final rally was the march to Invesco Field prior to Obama’s acceptance speech. Interestingly, the anti-war march caught up to the pro-medical marijuana march and from afar they were indistinguishable from another.

Along the route, clear animosity appeared between World Can’t Wait, a liberal front for one or another self-described Communist Party, and more anti-imperialist elements, including Recreate ’68 and RAIM, which supported a banner brought by some Northwest comrades expressing support for Islamic anti-imperialist leaders in the Middle East. World Can’t Wait ending up hanging back to do their own thing. Personally, RAIM-D loved the anti-imperialist banner. Great job Northwest comrades.

RAIM-D passed out a special edition one-sheet to all the anti-war protestors, liberal or otherwise. The page included two articles on Obama, one which offers a analysis found nowhere else; our immensely popular Fuck the Troops; Parasitism, the Economics of Imperialism; and our FAQ.

Upon arriving at the Invesco Field, the anti-war protest split into two with the World Can’t Wait contingent standing at the corner handing out their literature to spectators. Being that they were all wearing bright orange, it distracted the pigs enough so that a large portion of the more plainly dressed anti-imperialist contingent could walk right through the first level of security. A fruitless effort given that the crowd was made up of people who view Obama as a savior, but funny nonetheless.

Before we left we got another group photo, this time with Recreate’68. As before, it turned into a small media spectacle. But we didn’t have time for every so-called “journalistic” outlet. After 5 days straight of protests, 4 miles of marching each day, dealing with the pigs and the media and coordinating different events and actions, we were all ready for a drink.

We’d like to thank Recreate ’68 for all their hard work and openness. Much thanks also goes out to various Northwest comrades whom surprised us with their displays of anti-imperialist solidarity over the week. Most of all we’d like to thank the people who worked with and supported RAIM-Denver not only during the DNC but also in weeks and months leading up to it.

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Day 4, DNC Protests

Today was the Rage Against the Machine concert followed by an anti-war march led by Iraq Veterans Against the War. Both were held under the umbrella of The Alliance for Real Democracy, which composed of a number of more liberal groups which split from Recreate ‘68 some months back. We heard the march was being coordinated with Unconventional Denver, and it was announced that some of IVAW was planning on getting arrested, so expecting some action we decided to check it out.

The march began after the RATM concert let out, four miles away from where the Pepsi Center where the DNC was being held. Needless to say it was a long march.

And a slow one too. In the days before, the pigs split marches down the middle where gaps appeared. Using this as a rationale, the march stopped a number of times to keep a tight formation. Even though unpermitted, there was a visible showing of cooperation on the part of the pigs and the marshals. First sign of a typical liberal march, protest marshals in day-glo vests. It is likely that the march stopped so often as part of this cooperation, not as a tactic against police aggression as had originally been suggested. The front of the march stopped for traffic lights also.

The march was large, numbering several thousands. The Denver Pig Department oinked at between 3000 and 3500 protestors. But we all know that pigs are better at being pigs than counting.

All around it was a more passive protest- and more pro-amerikan too. Several protestors wore Amerikan flags over there faces. Chants about wanting peace, support veterans, and “can’t stop us” were prolific. Lacking were popular chants and expressions of supporting the Iraqis and other victims of Amerikan aggression and imperialism. Nevertheless, RAIM utilized the size of the march, as well as its duration (around 3 hours) to agitate and educate for anti-imperialism.

Marching with us under the U.$.A. Off The Planet banner was an anti-imperialist contingent composed of not just RAIM-Denver, but others from around the country. We got a few popular chants going such a “Number one terrorist, U.S. imperialists” and “Imperialism, tear it down. Capitalism, tear it down.” Less popular was “John Brown John Brown, driver the invaders to the ground,” the throwback “Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh, the oppressed will always win.” as well as a few Spanish slogans. At one point a couple of protest marshals reminded us that this was a march in solidarity with veterans. We informed them that we were marching in solidarity with the people of Iraq. We were trying to be courteous. Prior to the march we had decided not to chant “Fuck the troops.”

We also passed out a lot of literature, including the RAIM ‘Zine, Chapter 8 of Long Live the Victory of People’s War by Lin Biao, and Ward Churchill’s Ghosts of 9-11. In the course of doing so we managed to talk to a lot of people, pressing an anti-imperialist line and analysis the whole time. Many people agreed with us on key issues such as the nature and degree of parasitism. When they didn’t, it was usually in the form of Marxist-sounding dogma or vague general “left” idealist obscurations. As far as we could tell, when it came to the points, no one who disagreed with RAIM had a better, more realistic line or could defend their line as well as RAIMers.

After a number of hours, we finally reached the Pepsi center…and stopped. People started announcing that IVAW was trying to negotiate some sort of deal with the Democrats. At this point, we let out a collective “lame,” and started heading back. This march was hyped as being a major civil disobedience by IVAW, and many people gave up their direct actions to be on this march in solidarity. This having turned into a typical liberal march with protest marshals and symbolic “confrontations” turned many people off, but wasn’t too surprising considering the organizing groups politics.

As it turned out IVAW wanted to read a letter to Obama. Apparently, the letter read in part, “Sen. Obama, millions of people are looking to you to restore our reputation around the world…you symbolize hope for a better America” [sic]. Pro-Amerikan through and through.

However, before heading off we decided get a group photo and invited a few other anti-imperialists to join with us. So we rolled out the USA Off the Planet one more time and started posing for pictures. Before we could finish, exiting delegates and media began snapping picture and it turned into a brief photo op for anti-imperialism.

Tomorrow’s the last day of DNC protest action and we’ll be there.
Update: Just before this march, police attempted to raid the convergence center of Unconventional Action and arrested two people.

Click here for more.

Update 2: Tryworks has their take on this march, and like us, doesn’t hold back. Click here for more. Also, have a response from an “army sergeant” who objected to tryworks recap of the police led parade march:

“Again, my problem isn’t that the march was goofy. My problem’s that it wasted the time of a bunch of people who’ve got better things to do than negotiate with Obama underlings, an act most of us consider about as fruitful as hammering our kneecaps with a ballpeen hammer. There were even some who avoided direct action the whole week, as they considered this would be the highlight of the protests. They feel sold out.

And rightly so. They were sold out. By turning what was supposed to be a protest into a negotiation with Obama lackeys, the IVAW did nothing but reify the illusion that Obama has any intent of pulling the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan. They legitimized exactly what it was they were supposed to be opposing.”

More here.


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R68, anti-DNC Day 1 and 2 quick reports

RAIM was a participant in the Recreate 68 Alliance formed to organize protests against the DNC. RAIM participated the R68 meetings going back over 6 months, aided with security at the events, and-as usual- did our own thing. Despite differences in politics with the many individuals and groups, and some internal antagonisms within the organizing efforts, people came together as a coalition to create space for events this week. Here is our reporting of the days events.

Anti-DNC Day 1, Sunday

This was the day before the Convention, with the theme End the Wars and Occupations. Several groups had tables at the Festival of Democracy. The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement and the Mexican National Liberation Movement (MLNM) shared a table all day. Many other groups were present. Along with local activists, national groups like Workers World/Troops Out Now/F.I.S.T., World Cant Wait/R.C.P.-U.S.A., were there. We also ran into or saw members from United States Marxist-Leninist Organization, the Seattle Anti-Imperialist Committee, and Olympia Students for a Democratic Society. Unconventional Denver coordinated various direct actions. Generally, many groups were pro-Amerikan, ultimately wanting to save Amerika rather than eliminate it. RAIM was the obvious exception.

Speakers included: Ward Churchill, Kathleen Cleaver, Cynthia McKinny, Cindy Sheehan, Larry Hales, Mark Cohen, Glen Spagnuolo, Fred Hampton Jr., and others. David Rovics performed to start off the rally. M1 and of Dead Prez performed just before the march started. The march proceeded to the Pepsi Center, where the Democrats are scheduled for. Lots of police everywhere, making their presence felt. Despite fear-mongering by politicians, media, and liberals, no incidents happened at this march.

RAIM distributed new literature: An anthology of RAIM articles, works by Ward Churchill, J. Sakai’s Settlers and a set of interviews, Lin Biao’s Long Live the Victory of People’s War!, Mexican National Liberation literature, etc. RAIM distributed a collection of Troublemaker videos, many by Shubel Morgan. Monkey Smashes Heaven materials were also distributed. Sticking to RAIM’s usual policy, RAIM distributed a wide range of anti-Amerikan, anti-White Nation, anti-First World, pro-Third World, pro-revolutionary materials. These range from anarchist to indigenous to revolutionary nationalist to Maoist-Third Worldist literature. People were big fans of RAIM’s t-shirts designs: Great Satan, Deporten a los Pinches Gringos, and Trash Amerika.

There were many tourists who looked on to our table with curiosity, to say the least. Some looked shocked, as they never seen anything like our stuff. Lots of right wing bloggers and tourists photographed booth. Our Fuck the Troops pamphlet was as usual very popular. So was our new banner:

Thanks right wing blogger for our free publicity.

In the after noon, there was a reclaim the streets action. A group of trouble makers fooled the pigs with a diversionary move, causing the pigs to typically overreact and form lines on the west side of Lincoln park. When the pigs had formed their lines, the trouble makers changed directions taking the street on the east side, catching the pigs off guard. Before the pigs could encircle them on the east side, the trouble makers ran down 16th Street Mall, taking several hundred people with them. RAIMD went along, giving some chants including “Hey Hey USA, For Oppression You Will Pay,” and “Dis, Dis, Disarm Amerika.” More on this at

Anti-DNC Day 2, Monday

At Civic Center park, RAIM was tabling all day with our comrades, the Mexican National Liberation Movement. Our literature was appreciated. RAIM appreciated Food Not Bombs delivering to our booth. RAIM also appreciated the music.

Here are some tidbits at the Civic Center festival: The Democrats tried to send in teams throughout the day. RAIM, working with security, had to kick them out a couple times, for Recreate 68 had the permit for the park. Throughout the day, RAIM witnessed undercover police coming out of police cars. They were dressed like protesters or other civilians. Snatch squads would every once in awhile grab protesters at random. In addition, RAIM witnessed predator drones and helicopters flying above the city.

This Day was in solidarity for U.$. political prisoners. There was a Freedom March and rally for political prisoners from 11am to 2pm at the Federal Courthouse. Ricardo Romero of the Mexican National Liberation Movement (MLNM) spoke. Other speakers included Pam Afrika, Kathleen Cleaver, Fred Hampton Jr., Natsu Saito, and some speakers from the American Indian Movement. A letter from Leonard Peltier was read. A recording from Mumia Abu Jamal specifically for this event was played (available here:

At one point, RAIM got into an argument with Alex “bumblefuck” Jones and his tagalong, Jonathan “Blistershits” Elinoff. Alex “bumblefuck” Jones has been lying about RAIM on his radio show for weeks now. Alex “bumblefuck” Jones was exposed as a White populist. Alex Jones complained about RAIM putting the megaphone in his face, but RAIM pointed out how this is his style.


As Jones has a bigger budget for bullhorning than RAIM, he held out, even admitting he supports Lakota liberation efforts so he’s not a racist. But he blew up at the end before leaving. Expect some whining from Jones on this on his blogs. Were sure we’ll run into him the next few days.

From 3pm to 5pm, RAIM led a confrontation with the Minutemen who gathered at Congress Park. RAIM and others had a sizable contingent in militantly disrupting their rally. The anti-imperialist contingent contained people from across the country. Special props go out to Olympia and Seattle. Slogans included: “John Brown! John Brown! Let’s drive the settlers out of town!”, “Don’t like Mexico, get the fuck out. Down with Amerika, that’s what we’re about.”, and the usual, “Hey Hey, Ho Ho, racist Minutemen have got to go!” One person was offering white sheets and Klan hoods in case any of the minutemen forgot their own. No takers, though. Others told the minutemen that they should go colonize Mars, which began the chant, “Send the master race to outer space.” RAIM comrade Antonio told the minutemen “while you’re all sitting on your lawn chairs here, some Mexicans are stealing your jobs; get off your asses and take them back.” None did. With the megaphone we sent messages about their contradictory stances on migration, like pointing out how the oranges they were eating weren’t picked by white people. In the ultimate of irony, some city workers who were of Latin American descent were servicing the park for the Minutemen rally. They were appreciative of our work.

Despite some provocation by the more trashy of the white nationalist Minutemen, no incidents took place. Overall, we simply make the racists feel like the scum that they are. It was a great action.

From 6:30pm to 9pm, there was an “anti-capitalist” march with a black bloc taking to the streets. The police came down hard, surrounding the whole march, and dividing it into three sections and refusing to let them leave. RAIM comrades were stuck in one of the zones for over an hour. Eventually, after pepper spraying many in the crowd, some of the march was released. Initial reports indicate that there were 100 arrests from this single action.

(photo from

Check our blog for future news and events. If you’re in Denver, there’s three more days of action, so come downtown.


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RAIM-Denver’s DNC Events Schedule

Below is a schedule of the main protest events and actions during the Democratic National Convention. Far from being complete, this schedule is limited to those which either RAIM is participating on some level or those which we feel are otherwise noteworthy.

[This is a limited online edition of our schedule. A fuller one will be available at the protests]

Sunday, 24th

8:30AM-3PM State Capital Building (begin) to the Pepsi Center
End the Occupations March and Rally

Obscure your face and join RAIM-Denver in an “USA Off The Planet” contingent to protest Amerikan occupations world-wide. Performances by Dead Prez and David Rovics and numerous speakers before and after the march.

3pm-5 State Capitol Building
RAIM Orientation.

Talk with RAIMers, find out what we’re about, what we’ll be doing over the course of the week and how you can help.

5pm [Super Secret Event]

Monday, 25th

9am-1:30 pm Civic Center Park to the Federal Courthouse
Freedom March

From Guantanamo Bay, to ICE detention centers, Mumia Abu Jamal and the disproportionate number oppressed nationals in Amerika’s prisons, join RAIM and Recreate ‘68 in a march for freedom.

2pm-5pm [Super Secret Event]

Tuesday 26th

11am-2:30pm [Super Secret Event]

4pm Civic Center Park
Third World Liberation/ First World Alliances teach-in

We have no idea exactly what this teach-in is about or who organized it. Nevertheless, we’re going to find out. So join RAIM-Denver for a teach-in on Third World Liberation and First World Alliances.

Wednesday 27th
6pm Skyline Park
RAIM-Denver Discussion Group: Anti-Imperialist Philosophy and Practice

RAIM-Denver will be holding a 3 person panel on anti-imperialism. We’ll be talking about imperialism as global system, its social and material implications and offer practical advice drawn from our own in experiences in organizing and activism. Followed by a Q and A.

Thursday 28th

9am Rude Park, one block south of Colfax on Federal (begin), to Lincoln Park (12th and Mariposa).
Immigrant Rights Rally and March

This march will no doubt be tinged with integrationist, pro-amerika sentiment. RAIM-Denver will be there supporting Mexican National Liberation and agitating for anti-imperialism.


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DNC Protest Poster and Public Enemy

RAIM’s nifty DNC protest poster:

PDF version

Also, Recreate ’68 today announced that Public Enemy will be playing a free concert on Tuesday at 2pm at Civic Center Park.

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Speaker and Music Highlights for the DNC

Recreate ’68 released their list for speakers and musical acts during the DNC.

Included are speakers such as Ricardo Romero from the Mexican National Liberation Movement, Kathleen Cleaver from the Black Panther Party, Fred Hampton Jr., Pamela Africa from MOVE, and Cha Cha Jimenez from the Young Lords Party. Other speakers include Ward Churchill, Ramona Africa, Natsu Saito, Cynthia Mckinney, Mumia Abu Jamal (recorded in death row), and Ida Audeh.

Musical acts Dead Prez, David Rovics, Blue Scholars, and Rebel Diaz will all be performing.

Get there early, events start at 9am sharp

Check out the full list here.

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Recreate ’68 Film Series for July

From Recreate 68:

Five week film series every Tuesday, benefiting Recreate 68, a coalition organizing events and protests against the Democratic National Convention.
EACH week of film will correspond with the DAYS OF RESISTANCE AT THE FESTIVAL OF DEMOCRACY, SUNDAY, August 24-THURSDAY, August 28.
We are asking for a small donation for each screening and don’t forget to support HOOKED ON COLFAX while there !!

Tuesday, JULY 1st-7pm
1. Daylight Robbery Iraq: What happened to the $23 Billion (not released in the US)
On Tuesday, June 10, 2008 the BBC in the UK aired this informative program about the estimated $23 billion that was lost, stolen or not properly accounted for in Iraq. Most of this money came from US taxpayers, who aretotally unaware of this story.

2. Iron Wall-This documentary warns that a contiguous and viable Palestinian state is becoming no longer possible, and that the chances for a peaceful resolution of the conflict are slipping away.

Tuesday, JULY 8th-7PM
1. Mission Against Terror
The Cuban Five are five Cuban men who are in U.S. prison, serving four life sentences and 75 years collectively, after being wrongly convicted in U.S. federal court in Miami, on June 8, 2001. They are Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando González and René González. The Five were falsely accused by the U.S. government of committing espionage conspiracy against the United States, and other related charges.

Tuesday, JULY 15th-7PM
Wetback: The Undocumented Documentary is an excellent film by Arturo Pereze Torres and Heather Haynes. It shows the issue of immigration into the US from the side of the undocumented worker. We all know the side of the vigilantes. All we have to do is watch anyone on Fox to get that side. But, what do we really know about the other side. The Smoking Gun’s expose of A Million Little Pieces showed us that what we think is true often isn’t.
Wetback shows us the poverty that drives workers across our borders. Poverty that causes them to literally risk life and limb to get something for their family. It also shows the gains to the US and other American countries from the undocumented workers in this country.

Tuesday, JULY 22-7PM
From the food on our tables to the fuel in our cars, crude oil seeps invisibly into almost every part of our modern lives. Yet many of us have little idea of the incredible journey it has made to reach our gas tanks and plastic bags. This is a special broadband companion website to this landmark documentary.

Tuesday, JULY 29-7PM
Fred Hampton was the leader of the Illinois Chapter of the Black Panther Party. This film depicts his brutal murder by the Chicago police and its subsequent investigation, but also documents his activities in organizing the Chapter, his public speeches, and the programs he founded for children during the last eighteen months of his life.


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Upcoming Dead Prez Shows

Dead Prez has two shows coming up. Proceeds from both are going to Tent State University and Recreate 68 to support the ‘Festival of Democracy’ and other peaceful protests against the Democratic National Convention.

Tuesday, May 6, 8 pm at the Fox Theatre, 1135 13th St., Boulder
Wednesday, May 7, 8 pm at Cervantes, 2637 Welton St., Denver

As it turns out, last February Dead Prez played at show at Evergreen College. What began as a peaceful protest when campus police arrested a concert-goer, turned into a “riot” only after the Olympia Pig Department ran in brutalizing the growing crowd.

Here’s a short documentary on it.

Here’s more footage, doesn’t include any “riot” footage

Part 1

Part 2

Fuck the Pigs


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For all those visiting from the b.s. “truthalliance” article

This is a message for all those new visitors coming here from the piece of fiction written by the “”  RAIMD will come out with a statement later on the slanders and outright lies that have been spread about us by the idiot who is doing pig-like work against R68. Just to be clear, RAIMD said nothing attributed by us in that crap article.

While you are here, take time to educate yourself on real anti-imperialist politics. We hope some of you get away from the white supremacist right wing politics inherent in the “truther” movement and get on the side of the oppressed of the world.


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Recreate ’68! Community Meeting

From R68

The Recreate 68 Alliance ( will be hosting a community update meeting about all the incredible work that has been done to make the events around the Democratic National Convention historic.

Come and get your questions answered.
about all of the National groups who have joined the efforts
Events planned before and during the week of the convention
legal issues including information on the permits
how you can help
how this effects your organization
There will be additional information covered.  If your are not working with R-68 this meeting will share information that will help your efforts also, so please come down.
Where & When:
Sunday April 13 from 11 am – 1 pm
CU Denver Auraria Campus
Room 440 at the Tivoli Building
Parking is free on Sundays, but please consider taking light-rail!

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Join the Recreate 68 Spy Camera Hunt

Recreate 68 presents:
The Great Easter Spy Camera Hunt. Forget the Eggs. Join a Team to Find and Tag Surveillance Cameras in downtown Denver And Then Join a Pre-Festival of Democracy Pot-Luck Picnic in Civic Center Park.
The city of Denver has installed and is installing surveillance cameras in anticipation of the DNC. Big Brother is watching You. Now Watch Him.

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R68 Next Meeting, Thursday 6:30pm

From the Recreate68 Organizing Committee –
Thank you to all the folks who came to the last working meeting. As we discussed, we would love to see you come to the next one and bring a new friend. For those who have not made one, it is time to put the active back in activist. Help plan the largest progressive event Denver has ever experienced.
WHEN: Thursday, March 6th at 6:30 pm
WHERE: The Gypsy House Cafe 1279 Marion Street, Denver

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R68 Postcard flyer

Here is the new R68 two-sided flyer:



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Recreate ’68 Meeting

From Recreate ’68
R-68 would like to thank everyone who attended our Jan. 19 community consulta. We have received many e-mails asking how to get involved. To help with the work of creating a new future, we need you to come to the R-68 Working Meeting. Without you, this will not be possible. Come down and get invovled. See You There and Hey, Bring a Friend!
WHERE: Gypsy House Cafe Basement
1279 Marion Street, Denver
WHEN: Feb. 25, 6:30 pm


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