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Fuck The Troops: The Video [update]

We made the video shorter and faster for an enhanced ‘fuck the troops’ viewing experience.

Here for you now: Fuck the Troops v. 1.0

Also check out our pamphlet, also entitled Fuck The Troops.




As Youtube and Liveleak banned it, the video is currently on this site:


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Muqtada Al-Sadr Interview

Iraqi resistance leader Muqtada Al-Sadr recently declared “open war” against the occupation forces of U.S. imperialism. He leads the Madhi army that remains a large part of the Iraqi resistance. He has clarified his call recently in a statement calling for Iraqi unity, to focus on the Amerikan occupiers.

Here is a recent interview of Al-Sadr.

Good analysis of the Sadrist movement from Monthly Review Zine:

The Sadrist Revolt
by Richard Seymour

p.s. : RAIMD will probably get attacked again for anti-Amerikanism, publishing this interview, you guys are not nice, blah blah blah. Yet this is just one voice of a movement that is fighting Amerikan aggression, and it is real, and it is winning. We reflect that reality.

p.p.s. Hate mail and death threats, while not appreciated, will be graded for spelling, grammar, form, and originality.

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Try-works:Happy Fifth Anniversary Iraqi Civilians!

From Try-works:

(Thanks to Rolanda.)







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From: Maoistický studijní krouže

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Fuck the troops: Amerikkkan sadists kill puppies in Iraq

Amerikkkans hardly have any sympathy for Iraqi dead. Amerikkkans have more sympathy for puppies than Third World humans. Amerikkkan heroes bravely throw puppies off of cliffs in Iraq. Typical.

UPDATE: Tryworks has informed us that youtube is pulling this video. Download it if you can. We will try to keep this video up and running as long as possible. According to the Army Times, online threats urge people to “make him pay” for throwing the puppy off the cliff.

UPDATE: Okay, Tryworks has upped the ante. They’ve found a video of brave Amerikkkan troops torturing a wounded dog.

We are offering an honorary RAIM-D membership to anyone who can find video of U$ heroes in Iraq setting kittens on fire.


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Kamatayan Para Sa Amerika!

From Amihan Malaya:


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Victory to the Oppressed!

This is from Amihan Malaya.


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Original photos of the apartheid wall in Palestine

The first three photos are from the so-called Israeli side of occupied Palestine, close to Jerusalem. The other photos are from the West Bank, on the edge of Bethlehem. Most of the graffiti are on the West Bank side. Short sections of this horrible wall, but the thing is positively covered with graffiti, mostly political. In photo #6, you can see “MADE IN USA” aptly stenciled in small letters at various points along the base.








Our hearts are very heavy for Palestine.

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Rip Down Imperialist Walls!

In the last few days, the Palestinians in Gaza tore down the prison wall of the Israeli occupiers. Essentially turning occupied Gaza into a concentration camp, this was meant to starve Palestinians for the crime of resisting colonization of their own land. But oppressed people don’t sit down and take it, they resist! This wall was blown up! And the people were able to get necessary supplies in Egypt that Israel has been keeping out, so they can live another day. Oppressed people will not be imprisoned in their own land! All imperialist walls will come down!

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National Liberation and Anti-Imperialism

By Nick Brown

The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement- Denver is a movement for global equality. We stand for the end of the imperialist system: the system whereby a handful of powerful nations exploit the peoples of the world. We see the termination of imperialism as a necessary first step to a world of lasting peace and real equality.

Anti-imperialism is foremost a fight for national liberation. Most broadly construed, national liberation is the struggle to not be exploited by outside oppressors, but to exist as a self-determining, free nation.

National liberation struggles happen throughout the world on a variety of levels. Venezuela is an example where a progressive section of the ruling class is now leading a campaign for national salvation; providing much needed reforms for the masses while challenging U.S. supremacy on a regional level. There are the numerous armed groups in Mexico, numbering in the mid-teens (not just the Zapatistas), who are fighting a comprador government. Hezbollah, the patriotic Islamic party in Lebanon, has challenged Western influence in the country, provided social welfare for the people and aligned with various Lebanese parties [including Christian ones] in their struggle against Amerikan/Zionist aggression. And we cannot forget the heroic Iraqi resistance.

These forces, taken together, form a worldwide movement against Western imperialism. These diverse individual movements, insofar as they are challenging imperialism, should be supported by freedom and peace loving peoples everywhere.

If Third World anti-imperialist struggles are capable of cutting vital lifelines [of wealth and resources] to imperialism, national liberation struggles internal to the U.S. are capable of delivering blows from within. In the grand scheme of things, within the worldwide movement towards anti-imperialism, these national liberation movements represent a mighty ally, behind enemy lines, within what is geographically called the United States. Because of this, and because these struggles are so close to home, national liberation for internally oppressed nations hold a special significance for us.

While national liberation is not currently the dominant trend amongst oppressed nations within Amerika, national struggles themselves are part of the dialect of everyday life. These struggles manifest in a variety of ways but carry common themes.

For Mexicanos, Indigenous Peoples and Blacks, theirs is the struggle not to be criminalized and disproportionately held captive in White-Amerika’s prison system. It is the struggle to not have their cultures mocked, repressed, co-opted and whitewashed. It is the struggle to not have the lowest life expectancies within the United States. It is a struggle to practice one’s national culture with pride; to be treated as equal members of society; to exist free from the oppression leveled on them by Amerika.

Typically, national struggles take one of two routes: one, the route of liberation as a nation, and the other, integration into the imperialistic, Amerikan oppressor society.

The latter, integration into the Amerikan oppressor society, is the main trend today. This is the path favored by poverty pimps, white chauvinists and the state. The integration route was made widely available through the widening and deepening of exploitation abroad while given impetus by the explosive successes of national liberation struggles during the 1960s and 70s. The reformist integrationist route, while also a national struggle, is antithetical to revolutionary national liberation. Ending oppression through integration means being absorbed into Amerika’s “multi-cultural” oppressor society. It is the democratization of imperialist privilege and the diversification of the labor aristocracy. Integrationism is not revolutionary and is not in the least bit anti-imperialist.

For oppressed nations inside Amerika, the struggle for national liberation is mainly tied to the struggle for a territory on which a free nation can exist. Without such a land, oppressed nations are doomed to live within White-Amerika–forced to suffer oppression while at the same time being lured by trickle-down imperialist privilege. While the goal of national liberation struggles is the creation of sovereign national territories, the planting of seeds for such political power is a necessary first step.

While full-blown national power will not develop quickly or easily, national liberation movements themselves are of utmost importance today. The strengthening of national liberation movements, the expansion of networks and the creation of independent spaces from which these networks and broader movements can operate is a task for which the outcome will weigh heavily on the future.

As success for peoples of the Third World build up, national liberation struggles inside the U.S. can become a destabilizing force within the heart of imperialism. This will make the prospects of revolution greater. At the same time, national liberation struggles will be a focal point of revolutionary gravity within the First World. In the long term, successes made today in creating the basis for independent national power [for oppressed nations within the U.S.] will translate into much wider successes for all people oppressed by U.S. imperialism further down the road.

It is with these considerations in mind that we champion national liberation struggles within United States. We do so not to advance ourselves or to look edgy. We do so from our general anti-imperialist perspective. For us, any single movement for national liberation here is part of the broader international revolutionary struggle to end oppression once and for all.


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Pack your bags, settler..

Source: Shubel Morgan

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Seasons greetings, piggies

Here are two graphics from some international folks.


An image is worth a thousand words, eh?


Seasons greetings, Amerikkka

Nuff said.

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Amerikkkans “human hunt” “niggers” in Iraq

Tryworks has beat us to the scoop again. Amerikkkans “human hunt” “niggers” in Iraq, check it:

More human hunting, Amerikkkan snipers murder scavengers and children in Iraq by tricking them:

Shubel Morgan video on the mundane reality of national oppression:



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Happy Veterans Day!!!

Tryworks beat us to the punch celebrating Veterans Day. Check out their great coverage.

Here’s some more counter to the sick jingoism celebrated by Amerika today.

More fuck the troops fun:

From the great work of Shubel Morgan:


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LET IT BURN. Interview with Robert F. Williams, 1968

This is a pretty long interview. It’s so long that we wouldn’t have posted it had we not thought that it was worth watching through the end. Here are a few good quotes from the interview.

[Williams explains his reasons for leaving Cuba as-] If I wanted to carry on my struggle for the liberation of the black people in Amerika.. if I could live true to what I believed, I had to leave Cuba -but I wasn’t forced out of Cuba. I had a choice to remain in there. I could have remained in Cuba as a socialist Uncle Tom. But I didn’t see any difference in being a socialist Uncle Tom and in being an Uncle Tom in capitivist and racist Amerika. And I’m not cut out to be an Uncle Tom no matter who it’s for.

[Here Williams explains why he doesn’t pay any mind to how white amerika perceives him or his cause] Look, I am a refugee. I am a victim of all kinds of racial [national-ed.] oppression and tyranny and terrorism in the United States. So why should I be concerned with what they think about or what they call me. My first concern is liberation. My first concern is justice and freedom. And it makes no difference what they call me and it makes no difference with what they think, because in the final analysis they are going to have to face reality. And the reality is that Amerika is not god, Amerika is not the end of the earth and it doesn’t matter what the Amerikans think.

[Referring to Black troops fighting in the Vietnam War] I’m not asking them to commit treason. I’m asking them to stop betraying humynity I’m asking them not to commit treason against humynity. Man’s first duty is to his brother [sic]. Man’s first duty is to humynity, not to governments- not to brutal savage governments and oppressors.

[Referring the recently killed Dr. Martin Luther King] Because here is a pacifist, one of the great followers of Ghandi, and here is a man who advocated love and non-violence who has been shot down in the streets of racist amerikkka and killed like a common street dog. Now- and then I’m supposed to be moderate in my outlook? I’m supposed to be merciful? This is asking more of me, as a victim, than has been asked of the oppressor.

The German people allowed Hitler to lead them down the drain. They allowed Hitler to rage and act like a maniac. And they didn’t take any position. They supported Germany, they supported their government. And as a result of this we can see what happened. Now the Amerikan people can’t hide behind the excuse that they are not doing it, that they are not committing these crimes.

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May Day Around The World

In our ongoing coverage of Denver’s May Day events we’d also like to take the time to report on events from the rest of the world.

First to Turkey where demonstrators and police clashed. This was the first May Day protest in Istanbul since a 1980 military coup. Prior to that, in 1977 a May Day massacre left 34 radicals dead.

In Kabul student protestors burnt and beat an effigy of George Bush and shouted “Death to Amerika” type slogans. It looks like in Afghanistan students are embracing a revolutionary education.

Hezbollah attended the annual Cairo conference. There they encourage a united resistance to U.S. aggression in the middle east and also championed Iran as a main obstacle against U.S. supremacy in the region.

The Venezuelan state under the leadership of Chavez seized the last privately held oil fields in a move that has nationalized all oil production in the country. Venezuela also formally announced that they would be pulling out of the IMF and World Bank: another blow to western imperialism.

And worldwide, 24,000 people died from starvation or malnutrition.

So what will you be doing between now and next year to fight imperialism?!

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When Race Burns Class: Interview with J. Sakai


“Settlers” Revisited

An Interview With J. Sakai

EC: In the early eighties you wrote Settlers: Mythology of the White Proletariat, a book which had a major impact on many North American anti-imperialists. How did this book come about, and what was so new about its way of looking at things?

JS: Settlers completely came about by accident, not design. And what was so “new” about it was that it wasn’t “inspiring” propaganda, but took up the experience of colonial workers to question how class really worked. It wasn’t about race, but about class. Although people still have a hard time getting used to that–it isn’t race or sex that’s the taboo subject in this culture, but class. Like many radicals who struggle as organizers, i had wondered why our very logical “class unity” theories always seemed to get smashed up around the exit ramp of race? At the time i’d quit my fairly isolated job on the night shift as a mechanic on the railroad, and was running a cut-off lathe in an auto parts plant. The young white guys in our department were pretty good. In fact, rebellious counter-culture dope smoking Nam vets. After months of hanging & talking, one night one of them came up to me and said that all the guys were driving down to the Kentucky Derby together, to spend the weekend getting drunk and partying. They were inviting me, an Asian, as a way of my joining the crew. Only, he said, “You got to stop talking to those Blacks. You got to choose. White or Black.” Every lunch hour i dropped in on a scene on the loading dock, where a dozen brothers munched sandwiches and had an on-going discussion. About everything from the latest sex scandal to whether it was good or not for Third World nations to be getting A-bombs (some said it was good ending the white monopoly on nuclear weapons, while others said not at the price of endangering our asses!). Plus the guy from the League of Black Revolutionary Workers in our plant area had recruited me to help out, since he was facing heavy going from the older, more established Black political tendencies ( various nationalists, the CPUSA–who had great veterans, good shop floor militants –etc). And, why would i go along with some apartheid agenda anyway? Needless to say, the white young guys cut me dead after that (though they later came out for me as shop steward, which shows you how much b.s. they thought the union was). That kind of stuff, familiar to us all, kept piling up in my mind and got me started trying to figure out how this had come about in the u.s. working class. So for years after this i read labor history and asked older trade union radicals questions whenever i could. Finally, an anarchist veteran of the autoworkers’ historic 1937 Flint Sit-Down strike told me that the strike had been Jim Crow, that one of the unpublicized demands had been to keep Black workers down as only janitors….or out of the plants altogether. This blew my mind. That’s when it hit me that the wonderful working class history that the movement had taught us was a lie. So i decided to write an article (famous writer’s delusion) on how this white supremacy started in the u.s. working class. i didn’t know–maybe it was in the 1920s?, i thought. So Settlers was researched backwards. i knew what the conclusion was in the mid-1970s, that white supremacy ruled the white working class except in the self delusions of the Left. “No politician can ever be too racist to be popular in white amerikkka”, is an amazingly true saying. Settlers was researched going back in time, trying to find that event, that turning point when working class unity by whites had dissolved into racial supremacy. 1930s, 1920s, pre-World War I, Black Reconstruction, Civil War, 1700s, 1600s, i kept going back and back, treading water, trying to touch non-white supremacist ground. Only, there wasn’t any! Continue reading

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Pigs Assualt Peaceful Protestors


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The myth of the all-powerful richest 1%

While it is true that the ruling class of ultra-rich are the ultimate enemy of the world’s people, the fact that they are the current “ruling class” does not magically keep them in power- nor does it mean that they are solely responsible for maintaining their rule. If the ultra-rich pitted themselves against an overwhelming majority of people everywhere, they would be quickly overthrown. To counteract this, imperialism has adopted a strategy of building social and material alliances with its national working class. When such an imperialist class forms an alliance with the “masses” of its own nation in respect to oppressing peoples all around the world, this nation, in its entirety (its imperialist bourgeoisie and its bought off working class), is called an oppressor nation. Amerika is the leading oppressor nation today and this social reality is reflected in all aspects of Amerikan society.

The soldier who is only doing his job

As already mentioned, the fact that U.S. Imperialism exploits and dominates the entire world permeates every aspect of Amerikkka. This is especially true with the United Snakes military. Essentially the U.S. military is the armed wing of U.S. imperialism: the rent-a-pigs for the global ruling class. But when we look past simple analogies we see the true nature of the troops: they are there to exert direct armed aggression for the purpose of maintaining Amerikkka’s financial dominance over the world. This includes killing people towards that end. So the “job” of any soldier, regardless if they ever enter into direct combat themselves, is to facilitate armed aggression against oppressed people- to kill and enslave people for imperial conquest.

The “innocent” Nazis

When the Nazis got the shit kicked out of them by the Soviet Union, the rabid German aggressors were made to answer for their inhuman crimes. These Nazi war criminals came up with a number of rather weak excuses for their genocidal undertakings just like Amerikkka troops and their sympathizers do today. They said, “I was only doing a job,” “I never killed anyone,” and “if I didn’t do it someone else would have.” The main difference between Nazi Germany and its fascist troops and Imperialist Amerikkka is that Amerikkka has yet to be brought to justice.

The bottom line

RAIM-Denver is a group of humanitarians. We do not like violence. Unfortunately, U.S. Imperialism is the most murderous and exploitative system that the world has ever seen- its violence is unparalleled. We can’t ignore this and we can’t ignore the fact that it is U.S. troops that murder Iraqi people. RAIM-Denver is not a liberal organization. We don‘t tip-toe around issues. We don’t pretend to be supportive of fascists and we aren’t friendly to people who kill for empire. We don’t pretend to support the troops. Instead, we support the people who are being killed by U.S. troops. We support the real victims, not fascist murderers. Fuck the Troops.

Beat Back Oppressors and Aggressors Everywhere!

Death to AmeriKKKan Imperialism!

Victory to Iraq!

Victory to the Oppressed!

Also check out Fuck The Troops: The Video


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