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New RAIM Video: Fuck The Kops

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Pigs On a Rampage in Denver Area

Pigs On a Rampage in Denver Area

Over the past few months three men have been shot by the police in the Denver Metro area. The events behind the multiple shootings are sketchy.

The latest was Darius Murray, shot on Saturday May 9th. The Aurora Pig Department originally claimed that 18-year old Darius Murray shot himself in the forehead after already being wounded by their officers (1). Later they backtracked and admitted that all of Murray’s wounds were caused by the officers. He remains in critical condition at University of Colorado Hospital.

According to the family’s lawyer, Derek Cole, the story the police are giving on the incident has constantly changed. The pigs say they were called out on an attempted burglary and when they tried to question Murray he “fired first” and “fired multiple times” before himself being shot in the leg, shoulder and head. He is being charged with attempted murder.(2)

The pigs refused to identify Murray as the shooting victim for two days after he was shot. The Murray family said the police never contacted them to let them know what happened. The family is not confident of police investigating police. The Aurora police chief, after saying he would not respond to the family’s concerns, issued a statement saying the shooting of Murray was justified(3).

Darius grew up in south Aurora and graduated from Colorado High School last year. While the details of the case are hazy, one thing is clear: he is another young Black male struck down through police terrorism.

This latest shooting follows two other shootings the month prior. In what sounds like an execution-style killing, the pigs killed an unarmed, un-named man on East Fifth Avenue and Lafayette St. on February 27th (4). And, in Arvada, police shot an unarmed, unnamed male on Feb.16, 2009 (5). Both shootings followed traffic stops.

Police terror is a mark of national oppression in the cities of Amerika. With oppression comes resistance. For oppressed nations within Amerika, this resistance is rightfully directed against the occupying army of violent, oppressive pigs. The Black Nation has the right of self-defense against police terror. For Blacks and oppressed nations the world over, freedom will come when it throws off the oppression that comes with Amerika.


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Remember Oscar Grant: The Struggle Is Not Over

justice-for-oscar-grantThis New Years Day 2009 in Oakland, California another tragic incident of police terror against a young Black man occurred.  Oscar Grant III, 22 years old, father of a 4 year old daughter, was shot execution-style by a transit cop.  Videos of the incident clearly show he was shot in the back while face-down on a subway platform, unarmed and posing no threat.

The incident was filmed by bystanders, and police attempted to confiscate most of the videos.  But a few made it to Youtube and were viewed around the world.  Outrage at this incident spread, with protests and rebellions happening in response to this atrocity in the Bay Area and elsewhere.

John Burris, a civil rights lawyer for the Grant family, called this murder one of the worst cases of police terrorism he ever witnessed.  Recently Johannes Nehserle, the pig shown on the video shooting Grant, was charged with murder after he quit the BART police force and fled the state to avoid questioning.  Along with calling for criminal charges against the cop, Burris is helping file a 25 million lawsuit for Grant’s family.

Although this case may be one of a few where justice is brought against a killer cop, it will be too little too late.  Terrorism and injustice are nothing new for Black people in Amerikkka.  It enslaved and killed millions of African people in one of the most brutal slavery systems known to man.  It subsequently lynched thousands of Blacks in its long history of colonial and neo-colonial oppression.  Other non-white peoples have been victims of Amerikkka in its long history of exploitation, land theft, and genocide.

With oppression comes resistance.  The Black Liberation struggle and the leaders it produced have long been an inspiration to oppressed peoples in every corner of the globe.  We take this time on Martin Luther King Jr. Day to remember that spirit of resistance.

This year’s celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day coincides with the inauguration of Barack Obama, the first “Black” president of the United States.  While objectively historic, it should be seen as it is, a reinvention of U.S. imperialism as a multicultural empire with a Black figurehead.  As seen by the murder of Oscar Grant, the Obama presidency will not end the police killings of non-white youth.  It will not end the huge incarceration rates of non-white peoples inside the United States.  It will not free Mumia Abu-Jamal and the hundreds of other political prisoners who are continually denied freedom and justice.  It will not end the U.S. instigated bloodbaths in Iraq and Afghanistan, U.S. support for Israel’s aggression against Palestine, or U.S. harassment against independent nations like Venezuela and Bolivia.  And it will not end the parasitic capitalism that steals resources and labor from the Third World to fuel Amerika’s opulent consumerism.

Even Martin Luther King Jr. saw the realities of the political, economic, and military imperialism the United States was inflicting not only to oppressed nations inside the country but all around the world:

A true revolution of values will soon look uneasily on the glaring contrast of poverty and wealth. With righteous indignation, it will look across the seas and see individual capitalists of the West investing huge sums of money in Asia, Africa, and South America, only to take the profits out with no concern for the social betterment of the countries, and say, ‘This is not just’” (“Beyond Vietnam”).

The investments they continue to use to take profits from poor nations were received from previous thefts the U.S. committed throughout its history.  This cycle must stop.

At the same time Oscar Grant was killed, over 1000 Palestinians lost their lives in Gaza by the settler occupation of Israel, funded by the United States.  True freedom and justice will not come by accepting a bigger part of U.S. imperialism but by rejecting and abolishing it outright.  Oppressed nations everywhere must gain their freedom and determine their own destinies.  These freedom struggles are in solidarity with all oppressed peoples in the world, in bringing about a truly just world where an end to oppression with no concessions is more than just a dream.

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Oakland Pigs Execute a Young Black Man

Oscar Grant, a black youth in Oakland, became another victim of police terror as BART police shot and killed him execution style.  It was captured on video, and sparked many rebellions in the Bay Area.  No word yet on whether the pig who executed him will stand trial, but we’re not holding our breath for Amerikkkan (in)justice.


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RAIM-D Commemorates the Legacy of Fred Hampton


The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement- Denver commemorates the legacy of Black Panther members Fred Hampton and Mark Clark, who made the ultimate sacrifice, being murdered by the Chicago Police and the FBI, on December 4, 1969, in Chicago Illinois.

The Black Panther Party was a revolutionary organization which advanced a line of Black Liberation and anti-imperialism in the mid 1960’s through the 1970’s. Fred Hampton was a Chicago Panther leader. Mark Clark was a Panther leader from Peoria, Illinois. Both were members of this militant Maoist Black organization which opposed capitalist imperialism and fought for socialism and the liberation of all of the oppressed. Because of the oppression of the Black nation by white settler U.S. imperialism and because the Black Panther Party operated within the “belly of of the beast,” they were targeted by the U.S. government through infiltration and eventually a plot to destroy the organization by killing and jailing its leaders.

As can be seen in the video, The Murder of Fred Hampton, Hampton was killed as part of a conspiracy by a Black undercover traitor, William O’Neal, the Chicago Pig Department, and the FBI’s counter-intelligence units. Hampton’s assassination demonstrates the depraved character of U.S. imperialist, racist police: the Black Uncle Tom traitor, O’Neal, placed drugs in the juice that Hampton drank on the eve of his murder. The drugs, supplied by the FBI, were designed to sedate Hampton heavily, so that he would not awaken during the police raid later that evening. During the raid, pigs murdered Mark Clark upon entry into the West Chicago apartment where many Panthers from Chicago and Illinois slept. Hampton’s bedroom had been marked on a hand-made map delivered to the FBI by O’Neal with an X. The cops murdered Hampton after killing Clark, allowing the blood from Hampton’s point blank head shooting to flow onto the mattress and bedding upon which he lay. After assassinating Hampton, the other Panthers in the same apartment were also shot and wounded by the killer cops of the Chicago police.

From the murders of Hampton and Clark, decades later there is not a functioning Black Liberation Movement or large anti-capitalist, anti-racist, revolutionary internationalist movement in the U.S.A. This is no doubt partly due to the murder of ‘Chairman’ Fred Hampton.

The enemy U.S. imperialist state does not want the masses of the Black nation to emulate the actions and program of its most advanced revolutionary elements, such as the Panthers. Revolutionary ideals and deeds are consistently and repeatedly denounced by Uncle Tom misleaders in the Black community, such as U.S. President-Elect Barack Obama. In revving up his program for the continuation of oppression of the Black masses and terroristic violence directed towards the people of the world, Obama, from Chicago, has the blood of Hampton clearly on his hands. The FBI all the way down to local racist police departments will not be touched by Obama and his administration.

But what will be done to oppose this? This writer proposes that revolutionaries of all persuasions every year commemorate the Black Liberation Movement with celebrations of Black revolutionary struggle on the day of the assassination of Black Panther’s Fred Hampton and Mark Clark. Additionally, from these yearly struggles, political education and action campaigns must be built nationally and internationally that fight for a revolutionary movement and liberation for the oppressed. A movement supporting the political line of Fred Hampton must be rebuilt. This is clearly what Comrades Fred Hampton and Mark Clark would demand of us. In a often quoted speech, Hampton said as much. ” I might be anywhere , but when I leave you can remember I said with the last words on my lips, that I am a revolutionary, and you are going to have to keep on saying that. You are going to have to say ‘I am the proletariat, I am the people, I am not the pigs.’ You’ve got to make a distinction, and the people are going to have to stand up against the pigs. That ’s what the Panthers are doing all over the world.”

Long Live the Revolutionary Legacy of Chairman Fred Hampton!

Forward with the Revolution!

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Upcoming Dead Prez Shows

Dead Prez has two shows coming up. Proceeds from both are going to Tent State University and Recreate 68 to support the ‘Festival of Democracy’ and other peaceful protests against the Democratic National Convention.

Tuesday, May 6, 8 pm at the Fox Theatre, 1135 13th St., Boulder
Wednesday, May 7, 8 pm at Cervantes, 2637 Welton St., Denver

As it turns out, last February Dead Prez played at show at Evergreen College. What began as a peaceful protest when campus police arrested a concert-goer, turned into a “riot” only after the Olympia Pig Department ran in brutalizing the growing crowd.

Here’s a short documentary on it.

Here’s more footage, doesn’t include any “riot” footage

Part 1

Part 2

Fuck the Pigs


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Prisons in Amerikkka

Prisons in Perspective

As of February 3rd, 2005 there were 2.1 million people in prison or jail, and another 4.6 million on parole, probation, under house arrest, or in jail awaiting a trial. That’s 6.7 million people or over 2% of the population.

Although nationally oppressed peoples make up about 25% of the population, they are 65% of the prison population. Conversely, although whites are about 75%, they make up only 35% of the prison population.

This is not racism carried out by individual racists. It’s national oppression carried by one part of society against another. It’s one nation’s oppression of others carried out within the arbitrary borders of Amerikkka.

Black males have 32% chance of being imprisoned in their lifetimes; Chicanos/Mexicanos a 17% chance; and white males only a 6% chance. So Blacks basically have a 1 in 3 chance of being locked up at some point in their lifetimes and are more that five times more likely to be imprisoned than whites.

Despite everything white amerikkka has already done to First Nation peoples, they are imprisoned at an even higher rate.

Amerikkka imprisons more of the people within its borders than any other nation in the world. Amerikkka, despite calling itself a beacon of freedom in the world, has the largest prison population in the world.

But is this really surprising for Amerikkka? After all, we are talking about the very country, and indeed people, that enslaved Blacks and tormented them for generations with the terroristic KKK; that emptied an entire continent of people so that they could take the land and mineral wealth for themselves; who took those indigenous peoples and imprisoned them onto reservations and made them adopt Anglo imposed social-economics norms and a foreign culture; and who today imprisons the entire world through economic imperialism.

No, it’s not a surprising at all. It’s Amerikkka.


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