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Chris Rock – Crackers (Outkast’s Hey Ya Spoof )

A fitting message to the white settler nation.

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Report Back on Anti-Police Demo

Report Back on Anti-Police Demo


On August 28th, a march against police brutality was held in Denver, Colorado.  The march was held in response to a series of police brutality cases coming to light.

The march was organized by members of Aurora Copwatch, West Denver Copwatch and the All Nations Alliance.  Though the pig media lied and initially reported only “dozens” of protesters, at its height on the 16th Street Mall there were well over 200 participants, including not only much of the more ‘radical’ of the Denver activist scene but also people who had joined in as the march passed by.

The recent cases of police brutality and the reaction they sparked have been unprecedented.  They have led to Mayor John Hickenlooper, who is running for governor this year,  to bring in the FBI to investigate certain cases.  It has also led to city public safety manager Ron Perea resigning,
and the city council settling many cases with millions of city dollars.(1)

The public anger of these cases, and many others not as known, set the mood for this march.  Days before the march a group of religious leaders denounced plans for a march, and instead called for talks with the pigs to reform themselves.(2)  But one cannot negotiate with pigs, and many people outraged about the incidents came out to show it that day.  In the press release announcing the march the organizers announced:  “It is anticipated that Denver police will be present during the march. We want to be clear in our position that due to the actions of its officers, we no longer trust DPD with its ability to protect our community.  We request for the safety of the community members present at the march and rally, and that law enforcement officials keep a reasonable distance from the participants. We are engaging in a peaceful, non-violent exercise of our federally protected First Amendment rights and DPD interference is not welcome.”(3)

The march began by the downtown skatepark, next to where Mark Ashford was beat up by two Denver pigs. He was beaten after speaking with the driver of a vehicle the police had pulled over wrongly, offering to be a witness for the driver in court. The next stop of the march was at 15th St. and Larimer, where Micheal DeHerrera was assaulted by Denver’s grimiest as he was was talking on the phone outside of a club while police were arresting his friend. These two incidents of police brutality were videotaped by H.A.L.O., a network of video surveillance cameras in the downtown area monitored by the Denver Pig Department. The march and protest ended at  Denver’s new $158 million, 1500 prisoner capacity “Justice” Center. There, Marvin Booker, a Black street preacher arrested on drug paraphenalia charges, was killed by the pigs running the detention center. He was beaten to death after he reached to get his shoes, his only possessions of value.  The pigs have refused to release a video tape of the death citing ongoing investigations, but with the similarities to a previous death in police custody, many see an ongoing cover up that has been typical of DPD.

The protesters carried signs and banners. One read, “All Cops are Murderers.”  Others listed the names of recent police victims. RAIM brought signs that read : “Fuck Pigs (And Snitches),” “Self Defense Makes Sense, Defeat Nazi Pigs,” and “Revolution is Good! Resist Amerikkkan Occupation.” Unlike other activist marches in the city, the militancy of this march was evident from the beginning.  The march started with a chant “No Justice No Peace, Fuck the Police.”  Other chants that echoed through the march were “Oink Oink, Bang Bang, Everyday the Same Old Thing,” “Cops, Pigs, Murderers,” and “When Our Communities Are Under Attack, What Do We Do? Stand Up, Fight Back!”  RAIM also did its modest part to raise the militancy of the march, helping lead and initiate such chants through a megaphone.

Overall, like most marches in the First World, the message was mixed to the effect of confusing friends and enemies and in the process miscalculating the actual strength of each.

One positive thing was the rhetorical refutation of pacifism. When the crowd began chanting emotionally-charged slogans, one person put up a peace sign with their fingers. One pacifist type berated a RAIMer for leading slogans against the pigs through a megaphone, saying to us some metaphysical tripe about love conquering hate and peace overcoming violence.  We politely brushed the person off and continued to assist in leading chants. Beyond the inane idea that RAIM-Denver was acting violently with no more power than a megaphone is the ideological wrecking-ball that is pacifism. While ultimately the degree of militancy in a single march in Denver is inconsequential, the idea itself, spread by well-to-do cracker-liberals from places like Boulder and Denver, is poisonous to the struggles of oppressed and exploited peoples globally. In a sense, pacifism is much like Christianity in that it is promoted to Third World peoples by Amerikans and various organizations they support, to the effect of diverting the proletarian from actual strategies for liberation. (We suggest everyone read Pacifism as Pathology by Ward Churchill and Negroes With Guns by Robert F. Williams for arguments against pacifism.)

With the presence and influence of pacifists and deescalaters limited, the march soon took parts of the streets, which isn’t usual for Denver protests. The pigs themselves stayed out of sight the whole time. This was a PR tactic as their presence would have surely escalated the toned of the march further and perhaps created even more instances of brutality. But we are sure that they were observing the march from a distance.

At the end of the march, in front of the Injustice Center, the crowd chanted “Fire to the Prisons” and Asesinos, Spanish for “Assassins.”  There were speeches by activists highlighting the above pig terror cases and by victims of pig brutality telling the crowd their experiences.  A coffin symbolizing the death of Marvin Booker was brought by the marchers and left there at the jail.

Common with virtually all protests in Denver and occupied North America was the great number of stares from people not participating. At times, the march walked past restaurants in affluent neighborhoods. Some protesters expressed affinity with the diners, encouraging them to join the march. Allusions were made that even the rich ‘liberal’ Denverite gawkers would “stand up” against the police.

We ask, why muddy up the picture with outright First Worldism? Rather, these people should be identified, albeit not merely in an agitational manner, for what they are: parasite reactionaries who more often than not support the pigs and the system they represent. Needless to say, the ‘militant’ pleas to shoppers and diners were fruitless.  Ultimately, it was chants of ‘Fuck the Police!’ which got large numbers of passer-by youth to join the demonstration, not pacifism or First Worldism.

At another point in the march, the protesters paused to repeat a chant part of which said that they themselves had “…nothing to lose but our chains” (origanally said by Marx, but of course not attributed to him in the chant).  RAIM didn’t participate in the contrived bit of self-delusion. We ask those who did to compare themselves to the average person from Latin America, Africa or Asia and take an honest account of the many things they could in fact lose. Though such slogans might give oneself a short-lived sense of self-importance, they do little in the long run to advance the revolutionary struggle. It is only by taking a realistic account of the world that one can hope to meaningfully advance the revolutionary struggle.

The contradiction between the police (or more accurately the system they represent) and the majority of Amerikans is not antagonistic, i.e. it will not lead to sustained revolutionary struggle. Not to say that we do not support reform efforts to reduce police terror, but only see the limitations that these reform efforts will do.  There will be attempts by the city to appease the public outrage with more “accountability”, but police brutality is but a symptom of an unjust social order.  Thus it will continue, as in these cases against non-white oppressed nationality peoples and others outside of mainstream society.  Thus RAIM sees any effective revolutionary strategy inside imperialist Amerika as minoritarian, one that effectively repudiates the majority of Amerikans while seeking to work in alliance with the broad masses of the Third World, whom do in fact constitute majorities in their respective homelands. So-called radicals should promote an independent identity and culture of resistance amongst the oppressed in Amerika as well as a spirit of affinity and solidarity with the Third World masses, not a fallacious, reformist and First Worldist ‘unity’ between the oppressed and White activists as a stand in for a non-existent White proletarian.

More actions on these cases will come up, as they have been so publicized they will stay in the spotlight.


Here is a video of the march from West Denver Copwatch.  Check out their website for more information about these cases and their interactive database of Denver pig activity.





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Norman Finkelstein lays down on Zionist tools at University of Waterloo

So….This is why we like Finkelstein. He’s on point and doesn’t back down under intimidation…


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Video: Immigration Check Point

We at RAIM support the crackdown on all these damn illegal Europeans.

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Magpie, ‘Goodbye to Old Ohio.’

And ode to John Brown:

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Definitions video

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Steve Struggle discusses Black liberation history

Steve Struggle, a Denver RAIMer and veteran of the black liberation struggle, answers some pressing questions about the history of the movement

In part 1, Steve discusses the Black Panthers, the cult around Huey Newton and the party’s degeneration.

In part 2, Steve discusses places the Black Panther Party’s degeneration in the context of international struggles.

In part 3, Steve discusses the role of COINTELPRO in the demise of the Black revolutionary movement.

In part 4, Steve talks about the revolutionary politics of the Black Panther Party and what black liberation means.

In part 5, Steve talks about the nature of the White labor aristocracy and places the struggle for reparations and national liberation in the context of Third World anti-imperialist struggle.

In part 6, Steve talks about Obama and US imperialism.

In part 7, Steve offers advice to young revolutionaries.


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Video: RAIM Confronting Tea Party Racists

On November 14 2009 there was a nationwide “Tea Party Against Amnesty”,  to spew hate against,  and promote violence against, non-white migrant workers. RAIM Denver went to confront these racists a few months back (see here). Someone sent a video from their side to us, here it is with some added comments.  RAIM pointed out that these crackers are on stolen land, that this is not only Mexican land but Cheyenne land and other indigenous lands.  We urged youth liberation by urging their youth to marry non-white people to piss off their parents.  Also, the tea-crackers claimed not to be racist; yet their racism comes out and is exposed, as they shout wetback, puta, and sneaks at us.  Crackerdom should be confronted whenever it pops up, and RAIM stands against settler Amerikkka.


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Fuck The Troops II: Some People Push Back

The long-awaited sequel to Fuck The Troops is finally here:



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John Brown Led Raid on Harpers Ferry, 150 Years Ago Today

October 16 is the 150th anniversary of the raid of Harpers Ferry in 1859.  Led by abolitionist, nation traitor, and revolutionary John Brown, this failed raid was intended to arm Black slaves in a rebellion against white Amerika and for freedom for the Black Nation.  Democracy Now shows a reading of John Brown’s last words at his trial, as well as a reading by Frederick Douglas on John Brown:

Maoist-Thirdworldist agitation artist Shubelmorgan (named after an alias taken by John Brown) presents a video introduction to John Brown:

Anti-imperialists from oppressor nations should take on the example of John Brown.  As the video states, though, John Browns will be a minuscule minority of members of oppressor nations, so oppressed peoples and their allies should have no illusions.


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New RAIM Video: Fuck The Kops

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40th anniversary of “Whitey” on the Moon.

On this day, 40 years ago, two Amerikan settlers landed on the moon. In typical settler fashion, they even placed an Amerikan flag on the surface of the moon.

We at RAIMD look to this moment with great hope. One day, we hope to send all Amerikan settlers to the moon. Those oppressors called their moowalk , “one giant leap for man-kind.” However, the real leap will come when humanity must no longer suffer the oppression bestowed on it by the United Snakes.

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Fuck the Troops

youtube and liveleak banned it, but the occasion demanded it:


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A RAIMD Picnic – Confronting the Minutemen


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Muntadar al-Zaidi, an Anti-Imperialist Hero: Right On!

Television reporter Muntadar al-Zaidi, 29, gained instant fame for throwing his shoes at President Bush at a news conference, nearly hitting him, temporarily wiping that stupid grin off his face, and giving a powerful symbolic view of Iraqi anger toward the occupying nation that killed over 2 million of its citizens.

Al-Zaidi was subsequently arrested and tortured. He recently appeared before a judge in the Green Zone in occupied Baghdad. He faces up to seven years in jail for “offending the head of a foreign state.” (1).

This event has inspired similar resistance inside Iraq:

“In a solidarity demonstration on Wednesday in the western city of Fallujah, a former insurgent stronghold, students hurled shoes at US marines at a local business school.

One student was hit by gunfire in the leg, an AFP journalist at the scene said. It was unclear who fired the shot.

“About 200 people gathered outside the Fallujah Business School,” the US military said in a statement.

“The crowd began throwing rocks, sticks and shoes at coalition forces who were at the school for conducting a planned Economic Development-Education Development engagement with the dean,” it said.

“While leaving the school, the coalition forces heard a gunshot. They did not see who fired the shot and continued to leave the school.”(2).

We at RAIMD say: right the fuck on to al-Zaidi and the entire Iraqi resistance. Many Amerikan flag-waving bumblefucks have told us that because of the surge the United Snakes is winning in Iraq. As if occupying people would ever submit to imperialist invasion, the struggle will continue! We salute the resistance by the Iraqi people against the United States and its comprador bootlicking Iraqi government. Free Al-Zaidi!


(1). “Bush shoe-thrower appears before judge again.”

(2). ibid.

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Don’t Ever Stop Saying: Fuck the Troops!

This video speaks for itself.


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Debate ’08

Yeah, we weren’t invited to the debates, but we decided to act like we were.  So here some RAIMers respond to some questions put to the imperialist kandidates.

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Debate Tonight: RAIM not invited!

Yes, my friends that is true.  RAIM was not invited to the Pre$idential debate tonight. Despite the fact that RAIM sides with the worlds vast third world majority, we are not welcome in this settler democracy.  However, we are still commited to sharing the voice of the oppressed in this Pre$idential campaign season.  Amerika, we bring you a simple message from the third world: FUCK OFF!

Below, our first campaign ad:

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That Hate Amerikkka Beat!

We at RAIM apologize for the lull in activity on the blog.  This is due to some very exciting projects we’ve been working on. Including more analysis and reviews of the world situation and the struggle against United $nakes Imperialism. So, to kick off this new phase on the right foot, let’s all start dancing to That Hate Amerikkka Beat!

From our friends over at Proletarian Productions.

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Alex Jones’ Nervous Breakdown

The RAIMers noticed that Alex Jones was really upset at the DNC Protests this last week.  The black magic the New World Order was using at the DNC to disrupt him and the rest of the Truthers must have been pretty powerful.  Here is our tribute to his mental state.


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Put A Little Love in Your Heart… Fight Imperialism!

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From the Mouths of Babes…

We at RAIM like trouble-making punk kids. You know, the kind that piss off Cracker invaders who talk shit in the Mexican homeland. Below are some of our favorites.

Some 5 year olds sticking it to some Cracker-ass Minutemen:

A couple of kids stand up to adult Cracker threats:

Remember, the children are our future.

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Coming Soon… Fuck the Troops 2!

Here’s a teaser:

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The Ongoing Saga: Why We Say… Fuck the Troops!

Watch the above video and listen to this limey (thats an Engli$h Cracker) fuck cream his jeans as he watches his comrades brutally beat a group of Iraqi kids.


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Happy 4th of July, Enjoy the Barbecue!!!

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Why We Say… Fuck the Troops!

Watch this cracker whine that he isn’t allowed to murder Iraqi kids for throwing rocks at his pig ass.

Listen carefully for the kid shouting “fuck you!” We are proud of you little RAIMer, keep it up!

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YIPPIE!: A Blast from the Past!

Abbie Hoffman telling it like it is:

Jerry Rubin freaking out the Squares:


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History of Amerikkka – Rev. Wright is Right!


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Fuck The Troops: The Video [update]

We made the video shorter and faster for an enhanced ‘fuck the troops’ viewing experience.

Here for you now: Fuck the Troops v. 1.0

Also check out our pamphlet, also entitled Fuck The Troops.




As Youtube and Liveleak banned it, the video is currently on this site:


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Muqtada Al-Sadr Interview

Iraqi resistance leader Muqtada Al-Sadr recently declared “open war” against the occupation forces of U.S. imperialism. He leads the Madhi army that remains a large part of the Iraqi resistance. He has clarified his call recently in a statement calling for Iraqi unity, to focus on the Amerikan occupiers.

Here is a recent interview of Al-Sadr.

Good analysis of the Sadrist movement from Monthly Review Zine:

The Sadrist Revolt
by Richard Seymour

p.s. : RAIMD will probably get attacked again for anti-Amerikanism, publishing this interview, you guys are not nice, blah blah blah. Yet this is just one voice of a movement that is fighting Amerikan aggression, and it is real, and it is winning. We reflect that reality.

p.p.s. Hate mail and death threats, while not appreciated, will be graded for spelling, grammar, form, and originality.

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Upcoming Dead Prez Shows

Dead Prez has two shows coming up. Proceeds from both are going to Tent State University and Recreate 68 to support the ‘Festival of Democracy’ and other peaceful protests against the Democratic National Convention.

Tuesday, May 6, 8 pm at the Fox Theatre, 1135 13th St., Boulder
Wednesday, May 7, 8 pm at Cervantes, 2637 Welton St., Denver

As it turns out, last February Dead Prez played at show at Evergreen College. What began as a peaceful protest when campus police arrested a concert-goer, turned into a “riot” only after the Olympia Pig Department ran in brutalizing the growing crowd.

Here’s a short documentary on it.

Here’s more footage, doesn’t include any “riot” footage

Part 1

Part 2

Fuck the Pigs


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Fight on the Mexican side! St. Patrick’s Battalion by David Rovics

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Dead Prez: They School

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Fuck the troops: Amerikkkan sadists kill puppies in Iraq

Amerikkkans hardly have any sympathy for Iraqi dead. Amerikkkans have more sympathy for puppies than Third World humans. Amerikkkan heroes bravely throw puppies off of cliffs in Iraq. Typical.

UPDATE: Tryworks has informed us that youtube is pulling this video. Download it if you can. We will try to keep this video up and running as long as possible. According to the Army Times, online threats urge people to “make him pay” for throwing the puppy off the cliff.

UPDATE: Okay, Tryworks has upped the ante. They’ve found a video of brave Amerikkkan troops torturing a wounded dog.

We are offering an honorary RAIM-D membership to anyone who can find video of U$ heroes in Iraq setting kittens on fire.


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Nazi Punks, Fuck Off

This is a message to all the Nazis and crypto-Nazis out there

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