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It’s Not Easy Being Green: The White Nationalism of the Colorado Greens

The White Nationalism of the Colorado Greens

There has been much news as of late of the reaction of the Colorado Green Party to the stances of their presidential and vice presidential candidate ticket, Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente. For the treasonous act of attending events by Recreate 68 during the Democratic Convention protests, they have been made personas non gratas by their own party. The Colorado Green Party has been violence-baiting Recreate 68 because of their radical stances and hosting of events that agree with the politics of McKinney and Clemente. Looking further, it seems the Colorado Greens, at the very least their top leadership, is set in the white nationalist politics that affects much of the Amerikan faux-left.

Dave Chandler, anti-immigrant nativist, head of Colorado Greens

One of the co-chairs of the Colorado Greens is Dave Chandler. He was one of the key forces trying to kick McKinney off the ballot of their own party. Chandler attacks McKinney and Clemente on his blog for accepting endorsements from leftist political parties he doesn’t like, for advocating a Hip Hop political party (which he admits he does not know the definition of), and most of all their supposed advocacy of violence because they mention weapons (1). As the Black liberation struggle in the United $tates has often than not been a violent one, this would not be out of line, but for the Greens who can’t see past their white privilege, this has put them in a tizzy.

On the next item on his blog, Chandler comes out in favor of an ordinance to seize the cars of undocumented migrants who don’t have insurance, a measure supported by local right-wing groups (2). Looking at his other posts reveals Chandler is an advocate of population control via stopping immigration. In other words, let poor people in other countries starve and die so Amerikans can keep their high standard of living.

According to Chandler, immigrants lower wages, destroy the environment, and threaten the white middle class. Here’s a sample of the views of the Green Party Chairman:

” In the late 1970s and early 1980s, a skilled meat cutter could make a top wage of about $20 an hour. Today, a meat cutter might make about $11.50.

In Iowa an illegal immigrant meat cutter might make $5.00.

We make this observation in light of the protest this weekend in Postville, Iowa, against the May 2008, immigration raid at the Agriprocessors plant. The illegal, released women protesters in Iowa are way out of line; they allowed themselves to be co-conspirators in perpetrating identity theft and in undercutting decent standard of living for citizens.

This on-going story illustrates why illegal immigration is so corrosive to working class Americans — it illustrates how corporations shamelessly exploit illegals.

Especially as unemployment rises because of the deepening recession, we hope that those thinking about crossing the border into the U.S. illegally will reconsider …”(3).


“I support stopping illegal immigration into Colorado and the United States.

My support for this proposition is based on two criteria: our environment and the economy.

We must stablize our population growth here in the United States (and around the world) if we are to create a sustainable natural environment for future generations.

We need to reivigorate and empower the American working and middle class if we are to remain free and prosperous” (4).


“Working Americans lost in federal court. As soon as this Thursday, working Coloradoans may begin to lose in a more substantive way when Mexican trucking companies and Mexican drivers are permitted to haul Chinese-made goods and produce into the U.S. for distribution.”(5).


“There he was yesterday, Colorado’s U.S. Senator Ken Salazar promoting an ‘immigration reform’ plan that will further hurt our environment and the standard of living for working class Americans… this new ‘immigration reform’ deal — if passed into law — would a dream-come-true for the oligrachical elitists who want to turn the United States into a low-wage nation. The Dimocrats …also seem to be operating under the vague impression that somehow increasing the pool of exploitable labor by millions and millions will pay-off in votes for them someday.

This plan would ‘legalize’ up to 20,000,000 illegal aliens already in the country, and in the future permit over a million new ‘guest workers’ and people with a host of various visas to enter the country every year.

My biggest objection to these ‘immigration reform’ proposals, however, has been their effect on our environment …I am willing to break the political taboo and talk about over-population and the ecology of the nation and the planet — we simply cannot afford millions and millions more human beings striving to grow into the natural-resources-consuming footprint of the American lifestyle.”(6).

Not knowing who said this, this is the same rhetoric that comes out of the Minutemen and other white nativists. This is just the left wing of white nativism. The Green Party chair serves to incite hatred and violence against migrants.

Of course there’s not going to be sealed borders. Amerikans have long been bought off by imperialism, and they get special privileges, one being they don’t have to do much real work. Amerikan capitalism is dependent upon cheap labor for lower costs, no doubt. With imperialism destabilizing Third World economies, labor comes to where that stolen money is, and business readily accepts it. Remittances are a major source of income for many Third World nations. Those crackers sitting on their lawn chairs watching the border aren’t scrambling to take jobs for $5.00 an hour doing back-breaking labor. Not to mention the issues of stolen land, exploited and oppressed nations, and reparations. No, the Green Party shows that its interests are with the white middle class. Despite rhetoric about environmental destruction, they want to keep Amerikans privileged standard of living built upon stolen wealth and environmental destruction.

It’s unclear how the rest of the membership of the Green Party feels about Chandler’s views, but as the Greens make a big emphasis on their “grassroots democracy,” we can assume these views are highly tolerated if not widely accepted. There has been no public criticism of Chandler that we know of. His views are not surprising, as the Green Party itself is committed to white populism, keeping the standard of living for white Amerikans, and the Amerikan environment preserved for their weekend hiking trips. Many still want it to be a party of the great white hope Ralph Nader, which would also explain their opposition to McKinney.

We at RAIM have no qualm about exposing the reactionary politics of the Greens and other fake leftists. We don’t support the McKinney campaign because electoral politics is a dead end for any radical politics, and have no illusions about voting in an imperialist system. But we do admire the McKinney campaign taking some principled stands against white populists within her own party, and the reactions of the Greens showing their real politics. RAIMD supports open borders, return of land to oppressed nations, and liberation of the Third World against U.S. aggression, including reparations. We put radical politics in command, and stand against reactionaries in progressive wrappings.









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Don’t Ever say We Censored Your F*%king Sh*t Cracker!

Yes, we get comments. Some we don’t post simply because the troglodytes that write them are altogether dumb as a fucking brick and to post them wastes precious space on the internet. However on occasion, we get some whoppers from Amerika’s proud White Proletariat. Therefore, in the spirit of free speech, we’d like to share some of them with you:

“Ronnie” said in response to: “Obama Shocks Arab World, Touts Imperialist Credentials

The article is jewish bullshit.
Due to total jewish US mainstream media control,
Obama had to deliver this lip service before the
AIPAC. Eating crow and assuring everyone what
they want to hear is part of the election process
and does not mean anything.

“Mike” said in response to: “Why We Say… Fuck the Troops!”

Just stumbled across this website. I assume this is some sort of nigger run site, where you pretend that you’re real human beings, and not human/chimpanzee missing links, which you are, of course. Have a banana and carry on. Try not to eat each other, ok?

“Mike” also said in response to: “Yippie: A Blast from the Past!

Ah, yeah, that Jew-boy Rubin. Did you know that you’re sorry nigger asses were brought over to America on Jewish-owned slaves ships? Jews have such love for the “schvartzes,” don’t they? Come to think of it, everybody; Whites, Jews, Asians, Hispanics; they all hate you.

No matter what, you blacks always end up at the bottom of the pile. Affirmative action and welfare, and you still can’t get your sorry black asses together.

Hey, I’m all for Black Nationalism, You chimps can go back to Africa and leave the humans alone. Just think, you could fuck monkeys, cannibalize and eat each other, put ashtrays in your lower lips, do voodoo magic to your hearts content, and do whatever it is you do in your natural state, to your hearts content!

Just think of the “black utopia” you could create! Tin shacks, starvation, murder and rape! It’s a “black paradise!”

US Marine said on: “Why We Say… Fuck the Troops!”

Fuck it throw a couple Flash Bangs out the window at those little fuckers. Or throw some Sting Gernades… That will stop the fuckers.

And finally, Fuckyou, responding to the same post said,

You call that a beating? I actually fapped while watching that. They deserved way worse you cunt.

Enlightening indeed.


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Why We Say… Fuck the Troops!

Watch this cracker whine that he isn’t allowed to murder Iraqi kids for throwing rocks at his pig ass.

Listen carefully for the kid shouting “fuck you!” We are proud of you little RAIMer, keep it up!

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Obama, “Black” Messiah for White Amerika

Liberals, even some calling themselves ’revolutionaries,’ have a chronically false ideal of Amerika. Instead of seeing historical injustices carried out by Amerika as part of its overall development, liberals see such things as disconnected aberrations which can be resolved through in a piecemeal fashion through progressive determination. They see Amerika, though flawed, as an unfinished experiment in freedom and democracy.

Revolutionaries see Amerika as a product of unending injustices carried out upon oppressed peoples. Revolutionaries see Amerika and all the decadent elements which constitute it as something that needs to be destroyed as part of the global struggle to build a better world. While revolutionaries hate Amerika, liberals love Amerika: they are always trying to save it, to reform it, to make it realize its so-called historic potential.

To this end, an Obama presidency marks a major step. White liberals are projecting their own hopes and aspirations regarding Amerika onto Obama. Having a Black man lead a nation founded on the slavery of Blacks is for many a confirmation that Amerika is still the land of hope. An Obama presidency represents evidence that even into the 21st century, Amerika is still becoming a better, more perfect democracy. Because of this, the historical narratives spun around Obama are endless. For much of Amerika, Obama is a near-messianic figure.

Within the liberal paradigm, by electing Obama, Amerika can go from a country shamed by the Bush administration to one reformed, made better. An Obama presidency proves that Amerikan democracy works. Amerika can arrive as a more pluralistic open society whose legitimacy as the leader of the world is reaffirmed. An Obama presidency represents the continuation of Amerikan supremacy without Bush’s overtly hee-haw element. Obama represents a form of imperialism which liberal Amerikans can be proud of.

But liberal love-amerika types are not the only force driving the Obama campaign. Within the imperialist camp, many view the overly belligerent Bush administration as a disaster. Over the last 8 years, Amerika’s actions have rightly inspired hate and resistance the world over.

Loosing the iron fist and taking up the velvet glove is understood by many to be a more effective approach to imperialism. Within much of the imperialist camp, a popular Obama presidency is seen as more conducive to their own long term interests. Obama is seen as a figure who can recover what power Amerika has lost over the last 8 years.

Obama, and the forces behind him, are not revolutionaries. They are not trying to end Amerikan imperialism. Rather, for those who benefit from imperialist exploitation, Obama is seen as savior, a messiah who can bring the return to Amerika’s power and so-called greatness. These are the social forces that will, in all likelihood, drive Barack Obama to be the next president of the United States.


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History of Amerikkka – Rev. Wright is Right!


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Upcoming Dead Prez Shows

Dead Prez has two shows coming up. Proceeds from both are going to Tent State University and Recreate 68 to support the ‘Festival of Democracy’ and other peaceful protests against the Democratic National Convention.

Tuesday, May 6, 8 pm at the Fox Theatre, 1135 13th St., Boulder
Wednesday, May 7, 8 pm at Cervantes, 2637 Welton St., Denver

As it turns out, last February Dead Prez played at show at Evergreen College. What began as a peaceful protest when campus police arrested a concert-goer, turned into a “riot” only after the Olympia Pig Department ran in brutalizing the growing crowd.

Here’s a short documentary on it.

Here’s more footage, doesn’t include any “riot” footage

Part 1

Part 2

Fuck the Pigs


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White trash throw hissy-fit over Absolut Vodka Advertisement, re-unified Mexico


A hellofabunch of Amerikkkans are having spasmic fits over an Absolut Vodka ad that features the previous borders of Mexico before the U.$. invasion, land grab, and occupation of 1848. Under pressure, Swedish-based Absolut pulled the ad. (see: “Absolut apologizes for Mexican vodka ad,” ).

The crack analysts as Monkey Smashes Heaven look at the wider implications of the vodka ad controversy and what it means for Amerikkka:

White trash throw hissy-fit over Absolut Vodka Advertisement, re-unified Mexico
Controversy has erupted in White Trashland over a recent advertisement for Absolut Vodka. The ad features a map of Mexico prior to the losses in territory suffered between 1836 to 1848. In little over a decade, White settler imperialists stole and occupied roughly half of Mexico. Texas, New Mexico, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Wyoming and Colorado continue to be occupied to this day.
Predictably, racist pundits like Michelle Malkin are using the ad to whip up anti-Mexican sentiment. (1) The Drudge Report made sure to link to the L.A. Times’ blog where the story originally appeared. The L.A. Times’ blog post is sardonically entitled, “Mexico reconquers California? Absolut drinks to that!” (2) Yet more evidence of the Mexican reconquista plot planned by Lin Biao, executed by MECha. If only. (3)
Read the rest here.

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Dead Prez: They School

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Fuck the troops: Amerikkkan sadists kill puppies in Iraq

Amerikkkans hardly have any sympathy for Iraqi dead. Amerikkkans have more sympathy for puppies than Third World humans. Amerikkkan heroes bravely throw puppies off of cliffs in Iraq. Typical.

UPDATE: Tryworks has informed us that youtube is pulling this video. Download it if you can. We will try to keep this video up and running as long as possible. According to the Army Times, online threats urge people to “make him pay” for throwing the puppy off the cliff.

UPDATE: Okay, Tryworks has upped the ante. They’ve found a video of brave Amerikkkan troops torturing a wounded dog.

We are offering an honorary RAIM-D membership to anyone who can find video of U$ heroes in Iraq setting kittens on fire.


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Nazi Punks, Fuck Off

This is a message to all the Nazis and crypto-Nazis out there

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National Liberation and Anti-Imperialism

By Nick Brown

The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement- Denver is a movement for global equality. We stand for the end of the imperialist system: the system whereby a handful of powerful nations exploit the peoples of the world. We see the termination of imperialism as a necessary first step to a world of lasting peace and real equality.

Anti-imperialism is foremost a fight for national liberation. Most broadly construed, national liberation is the struggle to not be exploited by outside oppressors, but to exist as a self-determining, free nation.

National liberation struggles happen throughout the world on a variety of levels. Venezuela is an example where a progressive section of the ruling class is now leading a campaign for national salvation; providing much needed reforms for the masses while challenging U.S. supremacy on a regional level. There are the numerous armed groups in Mexico, numbering in the mid-teens (not just the Zapatistas), who are fighting a comprador government. Hezbollah, the patriotic Islamic party in Lebanon, has challenged Western influence in the country, provided social welfare for the people and aligned with various Lebanese parties [including Christian ones] in their struggle against Amerikan/Zionist aggression. And we cannot forget the heroic Iraqi resistance.

These forces, taken together, form a worldwide movement against Western imperialism. These diverse individual movements, insofar as they are challenging imperialism, should be supported by freedom and peace loving peoples everywhere.

If Third World anti-imperialist struggles are capable of cutting vital lifelines [of wealth and resources] to imperialism, national liberation struggles internal to the U.S. are capable of delivering blows from within. In the grand scheme of things, within the worldwide movement towards anti-imperialism, these national liberation movements represent a mighty ally, behind enemy lines, within what is geographically called the United States. Because of this, and because these struggles are so close to home, national liberation for internally oppressed nations hold a special significance for us.

While national liberation is not currently the dominant trend amongst oppressed nations within Amerika, national struggles themselves are part of the dialect of everyday life. These struggles manifest in a variety of ways but carry common themes.

For Mexicanos, Indigenous Peoples and Blacks, theirs is the struggle not to be criminalized and disproportionately held captive in White-Amerika’s prison system. It is the struggle to not have their cultures mocked, repressed, co-opted and whitewashed. It is the struggle to not have the lowest life expectancies within the United States. It is a struggle to practice one’s national culture with pride; to be treated as equal members of society; to exist free from the oppression leveled on them by Amerika.

Typically, national struggles take one of two routes: one, the route of liberation as a nation, and the other, integration into the imperialistic, Amerikan oppressor society.

The latter, integration into the Amerikan oppressor society, is the main trend today. This is the path favored by poverty pimps, white chauvinists and the state. The integration route was made widely available through the widening and deepening of exploitation abroad while given impetus by the explosive successes of national liberation struggles during the 1960s and 70s. The reformist integrationist route, while also a national struggle, is antithetical to revolutionary national liberation. Ending oppression through integration means being absorbed into Amerika’s “multi-cultural” oppressor society. It is the democratization of imperialist privilege and the diversification of the labor aristocracy. Integrationism is not revolutionary and is not in the least bit anti-imperialist.

For oppressed nations inside Amerika, the struggle for national liberation is mainly tied to the struggle for a territory on which a free nation can exist. Without such a land, oppressed nations are doomed to live within White-Amerika–forced to suffer oppression while at the same time being lured by trickle-down imperialist privilege. While the goal of national liberation struggles is the creation of sovereign national territories, the planting of seeds for such political power is a necessary first step.

While full-blown national power will not develop quickly or easily, national liberation movements themselves are of utmost importance today. The strengthening of national liberation movements, the expansion of networks and the creation of independent spaces from which these networks and broader movements can operate is a task for which the outcome will weigh heavily on the future.

As success for peoples of the Third World build up, national liberation struggles inside the U.S. can become a destabilizing force within the heart of imperialism. This will make the prospects of revolution greater. At the same time, national liberation struggles will be a focal point of revolutionary gravity within the First World. In the long term, successes made today in creating the basis for independent national power [for oppressed nations within the U.S.] will translate into much wider successes for all people oppressed by U.S. imperialism further down the road.

It is with these considerations in mind that we champion national liberation struggles within United States. We do so not to advance ourselves or to look edgy. We do so from our general anti-imperialist perspective. For us, any single movement for national liberation here is part of the broader international revolutionary struggle to end oppression once and for all.


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Pack your bags, settler..

Source: Shubel Morgan

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Whites Now “Minority” In Denver, Crackers Freaking Out!!

According to a recent report by the U.$. Census Bureau, Denver is now 50.01 percent non-white as of last year. So now, so-called minorities, or more accurately the non-white oppressed nations, outnumber members of the oppressor white nation in the Denver area.(1)

And not just in Denver. In nearly 10 percent of the counties in the U.$. white people are now a minority compared to non-white people, a trend that continues as time goes on.(2)

The growth of the non-white population is mostly due to the increase of “Latinos,” most of whom are Mexicanos, others Central Americans. This has affected Denver and counties around it, likely to make the latter majority-minority too.(3) And with the changing demographics, everything from Spanish-language classes to buying more tortillas than white bread is changing also. And with the growth of “Latinos” comes with it white nativism, exemplified by fascist groups like the Minutemen and idiot cracker politicians like Tom Tancredo.

On the Cracker Talk Radio circuit, this news has the radio blowhards rattling their pinhead brains. In one documented instance, Gunny Bob of 850 KOA falsely reports the news that Hispanics are now the majority. This is contradicted by the official figures, and a caller even corrects him. Gunny Bob denies saying it, but later repeats the same lie he is
on record of saying, and denied. He even gives some nonsensical crackpotism about a “sunset clause” on Manifest Destiny, and bemoans the fact that whites will be a minority by 2050.(4)

Another white trash radio yapper is Peter Boyles of 630 KHOW-AM. In his virulent hatred of Latinos, he can’t get his facts straight either. He bemoans about a Denver clinic serving Spanish-speaking peoples. He states “99 percent of Denver’s ‘Spanish-speaking population’–meaning Spanish only–coming to a health clinic are here illegally.(5) This report cited another bald-faced lie Boyles asserted: “I’m not an idiot.”

With all this, the white trash nativist right wing will use this in their continuing spasms against “illegal immigration,” despite what the facts are. No matter, we at RAIM-D welcome this news.

The United Snakes is an empire and has been an empire since its beginning. It has committed genocide against First Nations and stole their land, enslaved millions of Africans and continued national exploitation against the Black Nation, and committed imperialist aggression against Mexico and stole the northern half of the country along with oppressing the Chicano/Mexicano people on their own land. And it has committed and continues to commit imperialist atrocities in hundreds of countries since, the most recent being in Afghanistan and Iraq.

And the benefactor of this piggery has been all sections of the white nation of the U.$. The reactionary drivel from some sectors of this opppressor nation is only the more visible of the decadence of these parasites.

There is something we agree with from Gunny Bob. There is a sunset clause on Manifest Destiny, or there soon will be. Amerikkka’s pig-ass imperialism will soon have its day and we welcome its destruction. We support national liberation struggles of the captive nations inside the United States, and build a base of nation traitorism within the white nation. Less white people in the city? It’s nice to have good news once in a while.







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Prisons in Amerikkka

Prisons in Perspective

As of February 3rd, 2005 there were 2.1 million people in prison or jail, and another 4.6 million on parole, probation, under house arrest, or in jail awaiting a trial. That’s 6.7 million people or over 2% of the population.

Although nationally oppressed peoples make up about 25% of the population, they are 65% of the prison population. Conversely, although whites are about 75%, they make up only 35% of the prison population.

This is not racism carried out by individual racists. It’s national oppression carried by one part of society against another. It’s one nation’s oppression of others carried out within the arbitrary borders of Amerikkka.

Black males have 32% chance of being imprisoned in their lifetimes; Chicanos/Mexicanos a 17% chance; and white males only a 6% chance. So Blacks basically have a 1 in 3 chance of being locked up at some point in their lifetimes and are more that five times more likely to be imprisoned than whites.

Despite everything white amerikkka has already done to First Nation peoples, they are imprisoned at an even higher rate.

Amerikkka imprisons more of the people within its borders than any other nation in the world. Amerikkka, despite calling itself a beacon of freedom in the world, has the largest prison population in the world.

But is this really surprising for Amerikkka? After all, we are talking about the very country, and indeed people, that enslaved Blacks and tormented them for generations with the terroristic KKK; that emptied an entire continent of people so that they could take the land and mineral wealth for themselves; who took those indigenous peoples and imprisoned them onto reservations and made them adopt Anglo imposed social-economics norms and a foreign culture; and who today imprisons the entire world through economic imperialism.

No, it’s not a surprising at all. It’s Amerikkka.


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When Race Burns Class: Interview with J. Sakai


“Settlers” Revisited

An Interview With J. Sakai

EC: In the early eighties you wrote Settlers: Mythology of the White Proletariat, a book which had a major impact on many North American anti-imperialists. How did this book come about, and what was so new about its way of looking at things?

JS: Settlers completely came about by accident, not design. And what was so “new” about it was that it wasn’t “inspiring” propaganda, but took up the experience of colonial workers to question how class really worked. It wasn’t about race, but about class. Although people still have a hard time getting used to that–it isn’t race or sex that’s the taboo subject in this culture, but class. Like many radicals who struggle as organizers, i had wondered why our very logical “class unity” theories always seemed to get smashed up around the exit ramp of race? At the time i’d quit my fairly isolated job on the night shift as a mechanic on the railroad, and was running a cut-off lathe in an auto parts plant. The young white guys in our department were pretty good. In fact, rebellious counter-culture dope smoking Nam vets. After months of hanging & talking, one night one of them came up to me and said that all the guys were driving down to the Kentucky Derby together, to spend the weekend getting drunk and partying. They were inviting me, an Asian, as a way of my joining the crew. Only, he said, “You got to stop talking to those Blacks. You got to choose. White or Black.” Every lunch hour i dropped in on a scene on the loading dock, where a dozen brothers munched sandwiches and had an on-going discussion. About everything from the latest sex scandal to whether it was good or not for Third World nations to be getting A-bombs (some said it was good ending the white monopoly on nuclear weapons, while others said not at the price of endangering our asses!). Plus the guy from the League of Black Revolutionary Workers in our plant area had recruited me to help out, since he was facing heavy going from the older, more established Black political tendencies ( various nationalists, the CPUSA–who had great veterans, good shop floor militants –etc). And, why would i go along with some apartheid agenda anyway? Needless to say, the white young guys cut me dead after that (though they later came out for me as shop steward, which shows you how much b.s. they thought the union was). That kind of stuff, familiar to us all, kept piling up in my mind and got me started trying to figure out how this had come about in the u.s. working class. So for years after this i read labor history and asked older trade union radicals questions whenever i could. Finally, an anarchist veteran of the autoworkers’ historic 1937 Flint Sit-Down strike told me that the strike had been Jim Crow, that one of the unpublicized demands had been to keep Black workers down as only janitors….or out of the plants altogether. This blew my mind. That’s when it hit me that the wonderful working class history that the movement had taught us was a lie. So i decided to write an article (famous writer’s delusion) on how this white supremacy started in the u.s. working class. i didn’t know–maybe it was in the 1920s?, i thought. So Settlers was researched backwards. i knew what the conclusion was in the mid-1970s, that white supremacy ruled the white working class except in the self delusions of the Left. “No politician can ever be too racist to be popular in white amerikkka”, is an amazingly true saying. Settlers was researched going back in time, trying to find that event, that turning point when working class unity by whites had dissolved into racial supremacy. 1930s, 1920s, pre-World War I, Black Reconstruction, Civil War, 1700s, 1600s, i kept going back and back, treading water, trying to touch non-white supremacist ground. Only, there wasn’t any! Continue reading

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