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Program of the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement

We want to smash this world and build a new one. Today, the median global income stands around $2.50 a day. Over 1 billion people face chronic hunger and a child dies every five seconds of starvation. This same situation is killing the planet at an unprecedented rate. Meanwhile, a global minority lives in comfort, unconcerned with their effect on the world. We aim to change this.

We understand that there is a causal relationship between wealth on one hand and poverty on the other. On a global level, the First World is rich because it exploits the impoverished majority, the Third World. This global divide, called imperialism, is the principal feature of the world today.

We side with the Third World masses and support their struggles for liberation. Exploiters are not going to hand over freedom to those they exploit. Only through struggle can the oppressed free themselves. We support the right of resistance- and revolution- for oppressed peoples against their oppressors. We support unity of the Third World masses against imperialism.

We reject First Worldism: politics which panders to or assumes that First Worlders are a social base for revolution. The “masses” of the First World are a global minority: a petty-exploiter class which regularly supports the imperialist system from which it benefits.  Global revolution demands a just and egalitarian distribution of the world’s resources and wealth. Thus, over the course of global revolution, First Worlders will receive less, not more.

We are John Browns, staunch First World allies of the Third World. We are few and far between and behind enemy lines; there is little direct effect we can have. We consider our circumstances and focus on areas where we can effectively contribute to the revolutionary struggle.

We openly represent revolutionary anti-imperialism and work to build public opinion for Third World liberation struggles. We interject revolutionary, anti-imperialist politics into political arenas such as speaking events and protests; contribute to publishing and distributing revolutionary literature such as the RAIM Global Digest; and conduct group education through study collectives, practical tasks and informal discussion. We seek out and educate those who can be won over to consistent anti-imperialist politics.

We encourage direct participation and involvement, promote personal development and push people to become more valuable to the larger, global revolutionary movement. In part, RAIM is a ‘university of revolution.’ Through direct involvement with RAIM, we encourage people to become more proficient both politically and technically. A large part of RAIM’s purpose is to make individuals more of an asset to the Third World majority.

We encourage Third World-oriented, revolutionary political work. Though RAIM fills a roll by providing a public presence for and entry-level work into revolutionary politics, it is not the end-all-be-all of revolutionary political work. We encourage and support revolutionary, Third World-oriented politics being applied as part of different types of projects and efforts.

Adopted by RAIM-Denver and RAIM-Seattle, November 23rd, 2009



– “What is Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement- Denver?”
A loosely organized group of dedicated activists, agitators, and intellectuals which openly supports of the movement of Third World peoples against imperialism.

– “What does RAIM-Denver want?”
A utopian society. We want a world free from oppression of groups by groups and people by people. We want a world without imperialism, capitalism, patriarchy, national oppression, youth oppression or the state. We want a world based on egalitarianism and mutuality.

– “Why is RAIM-Denver so focused on anti-imperialism?”
People live off of three dollars a day, not because they are workers, women or children, but because they were born into the Third World. In reality, the affluence of the First World and steep poverty of the Third are directly causative of one another. This divide between the First and Third World is the principal feature of the world today and the destruction of imperialism is the first step towards a global mutualistic society.

– “So what then?”

Continuous revolution. We believe revolution is a never-ending process involving the masses of people against all forms of oppression, both current and those which may yet arise. Overthrowing imperialism is simply the primary task of revolution today.

– “What exactly do you do?”
We represent anti-imperialism. We rally against oppressors (Newmont Mining, Madeline Albright, the Kolumbus Day Parade, the Minutemen, and Zionist state officials to name a few); we maintain a blog where we report news and analysis as well as upcoming and past events; we research, produce and distribute anti-imperialist videos and literature as such the RAIM Global Digest; we interject an anti-imperialist line into political events; we conduct solidarity work for various national liberation movements and Third World people’s struggles; we conduct educational workshops; do informal discussion-based education and outreach and as individuals contribute to other Third World oriented revolutionary projects.

– “Noone will ever support you!”
Who cares! We are out to represent anti-imperialism, not organize reactionary exploiters. RAIM is a politically sophisticated and versatile network. Our goal is to build broad, global support for Third World liberation struggles, even if they vast majority of First Worlders don’t like it.


Be a RAIMer

The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement is not for everyone. It requires dedication and political consistency. Read this over and see if you qualify.

The first step to becoming a RAIMer is freeing yourself from the intellectual atrophy encouraged by the First World. Read materials already made available by the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement, most notably the RAIM Global Digest and pamphlets by RAIM-Denver. Find some of the books from our Recommended Reading list. Also, read over and think about RAIM’s Program.

Once you agree with and are excited about our political line, start doing something about it. Even if you are isolated, you can still contribute. Take the initiative and start a local RAIM cell. Distribute the RAIM Global Digest and anti-imperialist posters at infoshops and bookstores, trendy/geeky coffee shops and on school bulletin boards. Talk to your friends. Represent anti-imperialist politics against stagnant First Worldism at book signings, school-sponsored political events and protests.

Start a blog or website or give us an email to let us know about your work. Also, start producing anti-imperialist material on your own. Writing, graphic design and video production are all great places to start. By producing your own material, you add to RAIM’s body of work, making it a more resourceful and influential organization. Most importantly, you strengthen your own political and technical capacity. RAIM-Denver is here to offer feedback.

Working as a functioning RAIM cell, even as an individual, increases your chances of hooking up with other anti-imperialists in your area. Recruit locally within politically active circles while consistently representing anti-imperialism. Consider how to represent anti-imperialism and recruit informally through one-on-one and group discussion. Once you have a cell of two more more people, work together to make decisions, carry out plans and actions, craft RAIM materials, represent anti-imperialism and bring potential anti-imperialists into RAIM to play a decision-making or supporting role.

Use RAIM to your advantage. By operating as part of a local unit, backed up by RAIM-Denver and a network of other RAIMs, you are placed at an advantage when dealing with and working amongst the much larger but scattered “left.” Likewise, as RAIM grows and brings in more active members and supporters, so too will our ability to project worldwide, building public opinion for Third World people’s struggles against imperialism.

Finally, there are many people who support our cause and and the work we do, but for whatever reason are not able to work as RAIM on an active or support basis. In this case we encourage a monetary contribution. Cash and money order are preferred, but check and paypal are also welcome. Financial contributions will stay within RAIM and help us carry out our various tasks and projects.



The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement- Denver can be reached at raim-d@hush.com


More Information:

May Day Program in support of Mexican National Liberation; RAIM-Denver, May 1st, 2009

Fuck the Troops: RAIM-Denver agitation statement against support for occupation troops (May 14th, 2007)

Class Today and The Struggle for a New World:  RAIM-Denver short essay, May 23rd, 2009

RAIM Global Digest: the news and analysis publication of the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement

The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement http://www.antiimperialism.wordpress.com

The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement-Seattle

RAIM-Denver on Youtube

People’s War Press online publishing project


Non Endorsement

Different materials are linked, recommended or referenced by RAIM-Denver for educational purposes. This does not imply endorsement or affiliation.


Recommended Readings

Settlers, The Mythology of the White Proletariat by J. Sakai
The most comprehensive Amerikan history from an anti-imperialist perspective. Explicitly challenges the idea that there is a White proletariat. Recounts the genocidal conquest of North America, rabid national oppression and slavery and the rise of imperialism while documenting cross-class support for it all. Out of print, but you can still find it at online book retailers and some ‘leftist’ bookstores. Full PDF, here. Selected chapters here.

Pacifism as Pathology by Ward Churchill
Almost prosaically, Ward Churchill demolishes arguments for “principled non-violence.” Easy to find online and at ‘leftist’ bookstores. Here’s a booklet PDF.

The Creation of World Poverty
by Teresa Hayter
A brief, easy-read explanation of the mechanics of imperialism, its historic rise, and it’s bootprint on the world.  Out of print(?). Can find at online book retailers.

Ghosts of 9-11
by Ward Churchill
Reflecting on the 9-11 suicide airline attacks, Ward Churchill argues that the World Trade Center and Pentagon were legitimate targets, judging from the US’s global application of military aggression and the effects these institutions have on the world. In an infamous quote, one which he was ultimately subject to a witchhunt and firing for, Churchill describes many of those who died in the WTC as “little eichmanns.” pdf booklet. online version

Long Live the Victory of People’s War! by Lin Biao
Lin Biao’s major essay about the Chinese revolution and adopting the strategy of surrounding the reactionary-held cities by an insurgent, revolutionary countryside to global significance. While describing the Soviet Union as “social imperialist (socialism in word, imperialist in deeds),” Biao singles out the US imperialism as the single greatest enemy of the world’s people.
Online text. Chapter 8 as a short PDF

Further Readings

These books compliment the above titles and generally provide an expanded understanding of a given topic. All of these books can be found for a reasonable price at websites such as amazon.com or abebooks.com

Negros with Guns– Robert F Williams

The Negro in the Making of America
– Benjamin Quarles

How Capitalism Works– Pierre Jalee

The Political Economy of Slavery– Eugene D Genovese

Occupied America– Rodolfo Acuna

Stolen At Gunpoint– J. Sakai

The Lost Land: The Chicano Image of the Southwest– John R. Chavez

Black Bolshevik– Harry Haywood

Rogue State, A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower
– William Blum

A Little Matter of Genocide– Ward Churchill

On the Justice of Roosting Chickens
– Ward Churchill

Chicano Manifesto– Armando Rendon

Gringo Justice
– Alfrendo Mirande

Race and Class in the Southwest: A Theory of Racial Inequality
– Mario Barrera

11 responses to “Our Program, FAQ, Contact, More Info…

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  2. Pingback: Raj Patel – The Value of Nothing / Jeremy Rifkin – The Empathetic Civilization « Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement of Seattle

  3. Jedi Ghoul

    If the US proletariat is hopelessly reactionary, which social class is going to make the revolution in the US?

    • What U$ “proletariat?” There is no significant proletariat to begin with in the U$.

      Also, you premise the question as though a proletarian revolution must somehow take place within the imperialist drawn borders of a country. The Soviet Red Army had to dispense with the notion of an “impending uprising of German workers against Hitler” and simply finish the job themselves in 1945.

      To cap off, a “revolution” within Amerikkka is not a “socialist” revolution at all, but a social-imperialist one. Real revolutionaries don’t support a revolution within Amerikkka, but a revolution AGAINST Amerikkka!

      Support the the oppressed masses in their billions, not the privileged asses in their millions.

  4. J Creed

    How do I respond to critics who ask me why RAIMs attitude towards America’s poor corresponds with that of the Tea Party–e.g., the poor don’t know how “good” they have it?

    • What’s true is true, regardless of who says it.

      First Worldists use this rhetorical canard, thinking that we’ll be “shamed” into fawning over Amerikkka’s “poor.” What this sort of line actually reveals is their own chauvinism towards the WORLD’S poor. They put the concerns of the Third World proletariat on back burner, in favor of a social-imperialist “revolution” based on an intellectually dishonest definition of “poor.”

    • Actually, the Tea Party doesn’t talk about how good Amerikans have it. Have you actually listened to them? The Tea Party says that Amerika is being led by “Washington” into a deep economic crisis. They say that jobs are being lost, small businesses driven under, etc. Sound familiar?

      The Tea Party sounds exactly like all the First Worldist “far left” groups. They sound like all the First Worldist anarchist/socialist/communist groups. This is because all of these groups represent the same interests. They represent the middle and lower economic strata running to protect their privilege. The Tea Party is fascist. The First Worldist “far left” is social fascist: socialist in word, fascist in reality. All these groups, be they far left or far right, represent the same Amerikkkan class interests. Only RAIM stands against Amerikkka. Even working class Amerikkkans are the enemy. Amerikkkans as a whole benefit from imperialism, from the genocide of the Indigenous, the plunder of the Third World, etc.

      How do we make revolution without a social base? We have a social base! Our social base is the vast majority of humanity. Like Lin Biao wrote, we need a global people’s war against the First World.

    • From an academic perspective, this is a silly, unprincipled criticism. However, we perhaps share some blame for not being clear enough in our multiple news and analysis articles, ‘Dear RAIM’ responses and culture reviews. Nonetheless, in the interest of putting our line out there as clear as possible, we are much obliged to answer such criticisms.

      The criticism contains within it three logical fallacies. First is a ‘guilt by association’ fallacy. Even if the Tea Party did agree with one of RAIM’s conclusions for entirely reactionary reasons, this does not mean the conclusion is false, incorrect or reactionary itself. Bringing up the Tea Party is a red herring, i.e. it distracts from the substantive basis of our conclusions rather itself forming a logical criticism.

      The next two fallacies are both straw-men, i.e. the mischaracterization of both our and the Tea Party’s politics. “[Amerika’s] poor don’t know how good they got it,” is hardly a satisfactory summarization of either RAIM’s or the Tea Party’s political line. Hence, the criticism itself is false. But, it does offer an interesting jump-off point to discuss RAIM’s revolutionary politics juxtaposed to both the reactionary Tea Party and various First Worldists.

      For the record, our politics state that people aren’t stupid: that they are generally pretty aware of how good or bad they have it. That even the ‘poorest’ Amerikans have it better off than most of the Third World masses is a fact. We can discern this reality from multiple sources, and people do every day. It is only the chauvinist, fake ‘left’ which vigorously and actively denies this simple fact.

      The Tea Party, for its part, presents itself as being the representative of the every-Amerikan, and includes the notion that they are being cheated by elites, particularly by the imperialist-state. This idea, the Amerikan so-called ‘masses’ are victims of the powerful, is lightyears from RAIM’s politics. However, its nearly identical the First Worldists, people who adopt nominally ‘left wing’ politics to advocate primarily for the minority, First World ‘masses.’

      Simply put, RAIM’s politics do not correspond to the Tea Party. More accurately, the idea that the average Amerikan is fundamentally oppressed by ‘elites’ is one that runs both through the Tea Party and the First Worldist ‘left.’

      RAIM is about revolutionary politics for the exploited masses of the world. That even our so-called critic implies Amerika’s so-called ‘poor’ are a distinct minority says a lot in the way of affirming our position.

      It must be asked: what progressive action can be organized around this lower strata of the First World? A more egalitarian distribution of stolen wealth, perhaps; not the revolutionary overthrow of imperialism. Thus, a focus on Amerika’s so-called ‘poor’ is chauvinist. Its message is this: every Amerikan deserves to be ‘middle class,’ eat fresh fruit year-round, drive nice cars and have comfortable houses; and raising Amerika’s so-called ‘poor’ up to this decadent standard of living is more important than preventing the 35,000 daily deaths from starvation that occur globally.

      So in short, we think Amerika’s so-called poor have it good because they do and because we are not chauvinists: our world-view, understanding and goals extend beyond imperialist borders. Insofar as there is a poorer strata within the First World, we work to unite it with the much larger, revolutionary struggle of the world’s exploited majority. We do this without spreading illusions about its immediate strategic feasibility. Unlike the chauvinists, we are not singularly focused on this or that group within the First World. Ultimately, revolution will come from the Third World, and it is these convergent struggles which today hold primary importance. Saying Amerika’s so-called ‘poor’ deserve more is pure First World chauvinism which only serves to justify the existence of the larger group of better-off parasites. RAIM is for a revolutionary global equality, one which necessitates the lowering of material living standards for the vast majority of Amerikans.

  5. We need to find those individuals in the First World that can see beyond themselves. We need to find those people who have justice and peace in their hearts. We need t0 find those who are intelligent to understand the connections between the wealth in the First World and the poverty in the Third. This exceptional minority of people in the First World must be organized to support the struggle in the Third World and prepare the way in the First World.

    First Worldists will mock and sneer. Did they not mock the foolish old man who removed the mountains? Since when have revolutionaries not be attacked? Mao said to be attacked is a good thing. What is so funny is that the actions of First Worldists betray them. Why aren’t they out organizing their precious Amerikkkan working class? No, they would rather troll us. Why are they bothering with us if we are so insignificant? The truth is simple. They know we are right, at least at some level. They just aren’t honest enough to deal with it. They just can’t stand it that the world doesn’t correspond to their conception of it. So they stomp their feet around and engage in infantile whining, trolling. They direct their anger at us because we put a mirror up to their face. They don’t like what they see. We burst their bubble. They are like those people who reenact historical periods, like the people who dress like pirates or knights. However, these First Worldists make believe that the First World today is 1917 Russia. So, they go out an play Bolshevik or anarchist. I’ve even seen some of them who dress up like lumberjacks or train engineers. I’ve even seen some that mimic Trotsky, down to the hair and beard. Of most Amerikkkans laugh at all the ridiculous First Worldist “revolutionaries”: “why is that guy standing on a soap box dressed in overalls? And why does Colonel Sanders have a megaphone?” They want to go on with their renaissance fair, their First Worldism. We show them that the real proletarian struggle is not a game. People are dying all over the world due to lack of water, lack of sanitation, lack of food, etc.– the vast majority, billions. Billions. Think about it for a minute. They are so self centered. I wish it were unbelievable, but it isn’t. It is unfortunately so typical. It really pains me that they can’t see, that they can’t feel the pain and suffering that is out there. No, it’s all about me, me, me. We try to wake people, to shake them: look at what is fucking going on in this world! I wish we could reach more. In their little world we are the bad guy. They attack us because we challenge their fantasy with reality. The real proletarian struggle isn’t some game. It’s life or death for billions. They hate us because we are the real deal. Our hearts are pure. And we are way smarter than they are. We’re the leading lights. And that is no joke.

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