Alex Jones: a ranting white-populist crackpot with a fan base

Crazy Al pissed us off by circulating the lies that a) we planned on throwing urine and blood at cops during the DNC, b) we were the behind the scenes ringmasters of Recreate ’68, and c) that we are government black ops bent on inciting violence during the DNC.

Well, actually it didn’t piss us off that much. But we still used it as an excuse to go after Jonesy for his white populist, pro-amerika bullshit.

Check it:

Careful Jones, its look like your reactionary white populist crackpot grandstanding is a chili dog away from a heart attack.


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5 responses to “Alex Jones: a ranting white-populist crackpot with a fan base

  1. Jonestown Massacre

    Kudos to RAIM for calling out Jones on his white populism!

    Without a doubt Jones is a white nationalist crackpot who ignores superprofits, superwages, the theft of Mexican territory, white skin privilege, and the very existence of amerika as a police state for its oppressed nations from DAY ONE.

    Mexico did not invade and conquer “American” territory, the reverse happened. Jones knows this, but he wants to be sure of an audience for his settler “anti-imperialism”, so he rails on the Chicano/a “immigrants” to boost his standing amongst the lazy cracker parasites who through closed borders and police control want to keep Mexicans an oppressed people on their own homeland so as to wring the maximum profits from their land and labour, profits which are then mostly distributed amongst the propertied and high wage whites of amerika.

    Illuminati? Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Mind control? Hahahahahahaha. Banks ripping off amerikkkans? Hahahahahaha. Capitalism and bourgeois ideology work fine for imperialist white amerikkka.

    Jones is a racist, pro-Amerikan, bad-jacketing nut-job. Open the fake borders of amerika and watch Jones fat ass tremble with fear as he learns what is like for white people to have to compete for jobs for once.

    • MM McGee

      Yeah, um, I think he and others just want no illegal Mexicans here. You can’t profit from people who aren’t around to work for you, can you?

      • It is Alex Jones that is the illegal alien on stolen Mexican and Native land. Besides, Jones (and people like yourself, “MM McGee”) actually do profit from people who aren’t around to work for them directly.

        Ask most migrant so-called “illegal” workers from Mexico about the difference in wages & conditions in Mexico vs. the united $nakes – particularly in trades like farm labor, landscaping/construction, welding/fabricating, and food services. Most will tell you that they (on average) work twice as hard for half the pay than Amerikkka. This is probably an understatement, since the minimum wage in Mexico is literally 1/8 of the minimum wage in the united $nakes.

        And yes, Alex Jones and Amerikkkans like yourself benefit from that superexploitation.

  2. -Gi-Ni-Ti-Harcum-El: Bey-

    I think Alex and RAIM have similar ideas, but I do think Alex Jones (like many in Patriot movement) are under false conception that United States has some legal or Lawful existence. Being Aboriginal (not Indigenous, Indian, Native or other slave terminology) I know fact that so-called Americans (slaves) have no claim to my Land. I think Alex and People to RAIM may be with us on that. Don’t feel kicking Americans of any so-called race, creed, ethinic (slave words) out of their homes is course to take. Can live to be one People but certainly not anything with Euro, Judeo-Christian mentality, that is the Zeitgeist they created. People can believe what they want and worship as they will but don’t try to enforce their beliefs on us or me. I’ve been fighting for our Right and will continue the fight. Peace and Love to you all.

  3. Trantis

    It sickens me each time I hear his voice. He is constantly confusing people. He has many times promoted the constitution as well as free speech. These so called freedoms are abused and must be removed. I think the methods of his approach regarding questioning the government are incredible stupid. Anyone who thinks for themselves should be shot or called a communist ( whatever it takes to discredit them ) let Obama continue on his plan and stop scaring our goverent officials.

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