RAIMD Declares People’s War On Christmas – It’s On, Fuck Yeah!


In Amerika, Christmas is a sick imperialist consumerist celebration of exploitation.
The Santa myth obscures the real origin of commodities. Santa is an imperialist!

Amerikans teach their children that if they are obedient to the system, a magic
jolly old White fat fart delivers goodies made by elves. Toys are not made by happy
elves at the North Pole! Toys are made by Third World workers, often child laborers,
toiling in slave-like conditions. Third World children are basically enslaved by
corporations so that First Worlders can have the latest idiotic toy or gadget.

Bill O’Reilly and similar idiots are always spewing nonsense about a so-called “war
against Christmas.” Truth be told, there has never been a war against Christmas —
until now.

RAIM-D is formally declaring an all out people’s war against Christmas in Amerika.
It’s on, piggies. It’s on. Fuck Yeah!

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One response to “RAIMD Declares People’s War On Christmas – It’s On, Fuck Yeah!

  1. MK

    instead of kill whitey, its KILL FAT WHITEY!

    god damn fat fuck oppressor, probably outsourced labor to the south pole to escape labor laws and regulations! Freedom for the oppressed elven people of Antarctica!

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